Where I stand....

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Where I stand....

Well guys some of you may know me. At one point after loosing my job I was one the verge of a 30 pack a night.

After cutting back and factoring how broke I am I'm down to a six pack of pounders a night. Am I sober, no I'm not but I'll be honest I feel a whole lot more normal than I once was.

Just wanted to vent guys. I'm trying to get back into some old hobbies and if I had never cut back I'm sure I couldnt have done that.
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How you doing Tony?....Are you happy with where you stand?...Cutting back and doing hobbies?....Because if you are I'll congratulate you....If not...I'll ask you...What are you going to do before that six pack turns back into a thirty pack again? When you have the funds to to do so. Do you think maybe quitting for good might be a good idea?
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I'm glad you reduced your intake, but 6 is still a whole lot of beers per night. Of course you "feel a whole lot more normal than I once was" because you've changed your tolerance level. You aren't really close to being normal right now. It's an illusion with delusional thinking.

Can you reduce this down any more? Are you willing to cut down any more?

You are on a recovery site, not sure if you are gloating or are really proud, but honestly, you are still damaging your entire body at this time. What are your plans for your future?

What can we say to encourage you to attempt total abstinence and save yourself from further physical, mental, financial, or general problems?

Again, glad you've cut down from that 30. Your bank account must be happier now!
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Kudos for cutting down. Can't have been easy. Is your life where you wanted it when you first posted? Finding a gal, settling down. Are you working in the career of your dreams?

Maybe you need to get over that last hurdle, that six-pack a night, and grab life by the horns. Sober. Because it seems to me that alcohol still has you in its grasp.

Don't be like me and wait until you're 53 to wiggle free.
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Going from 30 beers a night to 6 is a big deal, Tony. That's work in and of itself. So I guess the question now is ... what next? Are you going to stay at 6 and try not to get it back up to 30? Or are you going to get rid of the 6 and go for full-on sobriety?
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