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Need Advice

Good Morning Family,
I am getting ready to pick up my one year medallion in 18 days. This is huge for me because I have been struggling with my addiction hard for the last 3 years. I have never in my life time been able to accumulate this much time. But for the last couple of nights I have had one drug dream after another and they were so real. I am lucky if I have gotten 5 hours worth of sleep in the past couple of days. Why all of a sudden is this happening? I have not had drug dreams in a very long time. I feel like it is the devil trying to tempt me. I pray everyday, morning,noon, and night. I have no desire to use again I dont know where all this is coming from all of a sudden. Has anybody out there ever experienced this? And if so please I could use some advice. This is scary stuff I feel like I am going crazy.
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Speaking only from my experience; drinking/drugging dreams are normal especially around anniversary times. I think you have a healthy fear of drinking- can be a VERY good thing.
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One year is monumental. Congratulations!

Originally Posted by lhenderson View Post
This is scary stuff I feel like I am going crazy.
These are dreams. Nothing more. Perfectly normal. Don't get blown off the tracks by it.
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Mo is absolutely correct.

There have not too many folks in recovery that I know that haven't had some pretty weird weeks before during and after their anniversary date. I personally use them as a positive to remind me of where I do not want to go back to.

Each year, it gets a little better, and the time span does get shorter. I remember my first anniversary I started getting 'crazy' with weird drinking and using dreams about 3 weeks before and they lasted until about 2 weeks after.

Now, with 31 years, just 6 days away, I had a drunk using dream last night, first one since last year at this time, rofl.

So, use those dreams as a 'positive' reminder of where you no longer want to be.

I have found that when I do get a drunk and/or using dream it is usually because I am under more than my normal 'stress.' Excessive stress will, every time, bring on a drunk using dream for me.

So smile, be thankful they are just dreams, and ENJOY your first anniversary.


Love and hugs,
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I'm sure it's the upcoming anniversary date that is shaking things up.

Congratulations on your sober year.
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These dreams, at least in my mind, can be an expression of a subconscious desire for a drink or drug. It was the oddest thing, but when I was about to get 1 year
the thought kept occurring to me that I should celebrate by having a drink. It was so completely irrational that it was occasionally enough to make me laugh out loud.

I think sometimes anniversaries can remind us that our identities are changing. The very notions of how we see ourselves (for example drinker into nondrinker). This creates a conflict that is played out subconsciously, sometimes in dreams. I never had this problem after the 1 year anniversary.
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Personally I don't worry about dreams Laurie and Mo said, they're pretty common around anniversaries...

I personally don't believe they're my subconscious desire to drink, thought they may reflect my subconscious thinking about my anniversary

In the same way as I still have a vivid dream about not handing in a paper at high school, I can dream about something that used to rule my life, in drinking....

It's like a memory bubble finally reaching the surface and breaking...

Congratulations on one year!

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