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Scrambled, I absolutely understand what your saying about "having the place to yourself" and throwing a party for one.

What I did when I first got sober was to make sure I had plenty of structured activities built into my free time. For me one difficult situation was staying alone in a hotel on a business trip. No responsibilities at night, nothing to do, I'm 500 miles from home and nobody knows me, etc. = 1 drunk hotel guest. That's no longer a problem for me because now I always have a plan (and a backup plan, and a backup to the backup). My advice, have a plan.
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Well I got a plan and a list of things to do and I didn't stop from work on the way home yesterday to stock up on beer; so far so good! Hmmmm, now I did go back to bed twice this morning, heh, so my plan has become a list of things I havn't done yet with the minutes ticking away. That's cool. Yesterday after work...was almost as hard as another day 1. How interesting...god, I used to stay in motels for business, for a few weeks at a time, man, not good. I'm in a different field now, so will cross that bridge when I come to it, but that would be tough as well. Similar, very much. Happy Saterday guys~~~~

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A lot of truth on this thread. One other idea that hasn't been mentioned yet. When's the last time you sat out in the sun and read a book cover to cover? You could get lost in a novel, and maybe even run out of weekend before you are done!
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That is a good notion Lofty; I'm a little unusual though...I used to read in the bar. Two chapters a day, beer flowing. Helped me feel I wasn't "totally waisting my time." So, I havn't read outside the internet since my dui. I think I will find a new place to read, a new environment, when I get my non-work driving privladges back.

Oh, actually I did read one book since then, during my 3 day secure lockup driving class. Regardless you raise a good idea.
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