I've been to the pub today and had 6 pints....:-(

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Originally Posted by Bruno1979 View Post

I have caused no harm with this relapse apart from to myself mentally. I haven't yet discussed my concerns with my wife...

Pardon me if I've read this wrong, but does that mean Mrs Bruno doesn't know you're trying to stop drinking, or doesn't know you had the six pints?

I'm interested to know because one of the major factors in my sobriety is Mrs M and the fact that I'd be letting her down if I drank. Despite the fact that I'd been problem drinking for over two decades, it was only relatively recently that I let her in on how bad it was, and how low I really felt about it etc., and I knew that by admitting that there was no turning back; I had to stay sober.

Before, I think the secretive drinker in me had always been playing the problem down in anticipation of a return, but my epiphany was to open up to my wife and admit how big a problem it was.

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Originally Posted by MarkstheSpot View Post
but my epiphany was to open up to my wife and admit how big a problem it was.

...same here dude. I all started with a big fat conversation with my H. There's no way I could do this without him on my side.
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