Next week it is

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Next week it is

Called the detox center and will be going in the beginning of the week. I am so scared! I almost talked myself out of it, even after ending up in the ER this weekend. That is crazy. I know i need to be done and want to be but i still have this voice telling me that i am ok, dont need help but i know I do. Does that make sense??? I am scared of what i have to face sober, how do you deal with that?
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I think we all wish that we could just snap our fingers and be ok sark - but look back at the evidence....there coms a time we have to admit we need help and we need to do something.

I'm really proud of you for taking action and doing this - I'm really hoping you can look back in years to come and see this as your turning point

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I'm here to learn!
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My experience is that getting sober left me with a lot less stuff that I had to face -- since many of my problems were caused by or worsened by my drinking. Don't be afraid, you have nowhere to go but up from here.
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Sark, making the decision to go to the detox center takes a tremendous amount of courage and I congratulate you for being able to do that.
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Facing life sober is better than facing life laying face first and passed out in a ditch. Dealing with problems is tremendously easier when sober than just getting drunk and letting the problems stock pile. I've had a few rough times while sober, especially with a job loss, but I didn't drink and the situation resolved itself and I landed a better paying job within a few weeks. Chin up, buddy .
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I am scared of what i have to face sober, how do you deal with that?
I think you deal with it by starting from where you at and taking things one at a time as they comes up. It's totally scary, I know, but that's because we're looking at the whole mountain instead of the next step.

Treatment helped me a lot....... you're going to be fine once you get there!
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In some countries alcoholics average 26 medically assisted detoxes through their lives.

Obviously what's of more importance is what you do to support your fresh and fragile sobriety beginning the week after drying out. The problem that will destroy you hasn't been altered in the least bit by being taken away from alcohol for a few days.

You might be better served to figure that far more important question out instead of spending too much head time on what is a minor and common event.
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I agree with Langkah...Take this week and spend it on planning what you are going to do once you get cleaned up....Find a program that suits you and get into it.....Even before you go into detox....That should keep your mind off of how scary it's going to be...And for what it's worth....It's not that bad....You're doing the right thing with the right people.
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