What is your occupation?

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Originally Posted by Fandy View Post
Pojman; are you a Pharm.D?
Yes, that is my current level of education.
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My day job is being a chemical engineer. I'm more or less a card-carrying member of the nerd herd.

My night and weekend (and favorite!) job is being the father to a six month old daughter.

For about 15 years I was professional drinker. But, I permanently retired nearly three years ago.
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I am going to school to be a Pharm D. I drank because school stresses me out, now that I am sober, school doesn't stress me out as much!!! Maybe because I can actually concentrate and remember my studies. :P
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Journalist for 30 years. Quit working for a major metropolitan newspaper so I could practice my addictions. Full-time job now: Recovery.
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One Day At A Time
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I worked as a Civil Servant for the Scottish Government from April 1989 to October 2010 when I took early severance as I was totally burnt out.

When I joined the Civil Service everyone went to the pub at lunch and after work and if you didn't then you had an attitude problem. For 20 years I used this as an excuse for my alcohol intake for years and hid it to a certain extent by using work related pub visits to cover my drinking (even if I went alone I would say I was with colleagues).

There were some great days but far too many blank ones / hungover ones and days I went to the pub when I had phoned in sick.
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I'm a physical my job!
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sobriety date 5-2-12
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High School special education paraeducator
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Telecommunications Manager 20 yrs. Lot'sa after work drinks w/other utilites people.
Stay @ home mom 2 years, way too much time on my hands I started drinking more.
Now I am working in Social Services, I am looking into going back to school at the ripe old age of 50. Today I am celebrating 1 week of sobriety.
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Originally Posted by MemphisBlues View Post
Journalist for 30 years. Quit working for a major metropolitan newspaper so I could practice my addictions. Full-time job now: Recovery.
I used to be a newspaperman myself. Now I have a reputable job, lol...
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Originally Posted by Pojman View Post
I am a pharmacist. Everyone always told me to follow my passion. Unfortunately, my passion is drugs/alcohol. I am fascinated by drugs, their interactions, primary effects, side effects, and pretty much anything about drugs. In fact, it actually makes me a fairly effective pharmacist. It is very contradictory, but I find that being surrounded by drugs does not necessarily increase my chances of abuse.

I attended approximately 7-8 years of college, and I am a bit of a science nerd.

I also raise ant colonies for personal research. I am trying my hand at scientific research in the field of pest control. I hope to strike it big by coming up with a method of controlling invasive fire ant populations.

I also craft and sell insect habitats via online sales.

I know... I know... I'm a nerd.

Nerds ROCK! I'm quite a nerd myself. Although you could never tell if you met me in person
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Freelance translator\ interpreter and language teacher. Fascinated by foreign languages
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I'm unemployed anyone hiring?
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Textbook editor, magazine columnist, astrologer, and director, while in active addiction.

Years of interesting jobs before becoming an addict.

Now I am just a boring old college professor.
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Originally Posted by ReadyAndAble View Post
I used to be a newspaperman myself. Now I have a reputable job, lol...
As a current Journalism Student --- I RESENT THAT!!!!!

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recovering using AVRT
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Consultant of Leisure
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Analyst in a university research department.
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Interesting thread! Me..

Currently a school nurse. Was once in advertising at a big agency. Client dinners, travel, etc. Lots a booze. Mad-men style. Quit to raise kids and drinking increased. I love my job now! Its even better getting up early sober!!!
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Horticulturist.... Always drinking to keep up with the guys but would always be the last to leave.
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welcome dolina and beads

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