3rd Day

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3rd Day

Hello everyone. I created my account on SR yesterday simply because I couldn't get myself to a meeting and needed help. I spent several hours reading posts and wrote a little myself... it helped a lot almost immediately. I plan on getting to a live meeting today. I am certainly interested in this community as well. As a child of the internet generation I've never attempted to use the net to help in recovery... at this point I need all the help I can get.
I just wrote out my life story but decided not to post it. I think that most of you have lived it or are currently living it. My last drink was 58 hours ago and I am having strong withdrawl symptoms. I have not been truly sober in over 17 years and I desperately want to be. Not just dry drunk but SOBER. Not just for my daughter and family but for ME. I will try anything this time.
For those of you with some sober time let me just tell you that you deserve it. Being "out there" has ONLY gotten worse and worse. You don't need this suffering and pain. It's not fun or exciting or even comforting. It's the bottom.... the lowest place you can be.
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Welcome jobei - you've found a great community
You'll find a lot of support and encouragement here

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welcome. sounds like you might be in a good frame of mind to put it down. you'll get and be able to give help here if you hang out long enough.
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You can do it! Many of us here have quit drinking. I was a hopeless drunk for twenty years, and now have over two years sober, so it can be done.

Never give up. Think that first drink through to the end and where it will lead.

Congratulations on three days, and hang in there, it only gets better.
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I'm on day 2 again myself, and I feel for you. Terrible hangover with all this anxiety and racing mind. Share your story if you feel comfortable, it will definitely help.
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