4 m sober, how, and wow!

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4 m sober, how, and wow!

Just thought I would hop in to say thanks to SR and add another "you WILL end this misery" story 'cuz I always found them reassuring.

Usual story, drank to oblivion & beyond every night for decades, always wanting to quit but "couldn't" for more than 10 days-ish. Sat on SR forums for months soaking up good advice.

Finally went to dr. and she was awful. On advice here, I went to another dr. and then another, although it took me months to get up the courage.

I started on antabuse and it stopped the drinking dead. I had a couple fleeting thoughts at work of the usual bottles of red after a cr@ppy day but then realized "nope, not in the mood for projectile vomiting & explosive diarrhea" - and my brain didn't waste any more energy thinking about it.

Drank a lot of water in big glasses at first to get rid of the habit of holding a glass after work, not anymore.

I don't take the antabuse now, but it is in the cupboard, next to asthma inhaler and antiviral for herpes - both also "just in case" drugs I haven't used in a year.

I found that the break from having to decide whether or not to drink worked for me; now my brain works enough to be grossed out at the thought of draining a warm glass of wine from the nightstand at 6am.

Again, this worked for me, and it is so very, very, easy to live without alcohol. I never, never would have thought so. Ever.

I went to a party last week (required for work) and didn't realize until the next day that drinking alcohol (or not) never even crossed my mind. Of course, neither did drinking milk, for that matter.

And guess what? the anxiety that once was crippling was just something else to suck up and deal with. I may not ever like parties, but I can do them now. Surprisingly, no more puking or shiznits at work anymore - bonus

*unsolicited advice warning*
Please keep trying until you find something that works, and try everything until something sticks. and for crissakes listen to D!
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NoTears - I am so happy to read this! Congratulations on your 4 months - that's fabulous.

I used alcohol to 'handle' every crisis, every event in my life. I, too never imagined I could live one day without it. I'm glad we were both SO wrong.
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Congratulations on youir four months sober! What a positive post - I am really happy for you.
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Congrats on your newfound freedom.
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Great news, NoTears. I too had crippling depression and anxiety, never ever dreaming that the alcohol was creating this. I am so happy to hear you are doing well!
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hey, thanks everyone! I didn't think of responses when I posted but gosh that feels good. Congrats to you too!

Jeez... we really did take the slow boat to get here. But we got here. The weather's nice and the cost of living is low. Lots of trees and sidewalks

And all of you who are suffering in silence, come.
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It sounds like you're doing great!
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