Day 2 and feeling better

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Day 2 and feeling better

It's going to be 2 days in a few hours. This bender last 7 days not as long as the one before. Decided to go see a few friends at a club. Everything was going good until the next morning. Should not have start to drink the next day but I did. 7 days later I went to the ER to get myself check out. It was a wake up call for me. This maybe something I did to use to remind me what were I would get.

I hope this experiences will stick with me for the rest of my life.
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I am glad you are back and that you are okay!
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Is that your plan Act1on?
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You have to come up with something and work hard at it...Remembering your last bender isn't going to stop you from drinking...It's going to lead you to one more detox....You have to get serious...This is your life you are playing with.
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Good to have ya back Action.
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Originally Posted by ACT10Npack View Post
I hope this experiences will stick with me for the rest of my life.
You can't rely on 'hope' alone, ACT10Npack.
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Hi, Act10npack! Glad to see you posting again. You can do this. Sapling is right: make a plan. And keep checking in here!!!
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I will tell you what Dee told me.
"Don't HOPE......DO"
For some reason, that resonated in my mind.
I decided to "DO" whatever it takes to get sober & stay that way.
I'm 43 days in & am never going back to that prison.
I wanted sobriety more than air. Still do.
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