What vitamins have helped you in early sobriety?

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I haven't read all the posts - just giving you what worked for me.
Milk Thistle
I would avoid Niacin if you see it...I am not sure what a lot of people's reactions are to it in general but I know that I thought I was having some sort of SEVERE allergic reaction because of the incredible flushing I endured.

All in all....what works for some doesn't work for all...and make sure to ask you Doc. Because I didn't know Niacin (a B vitamin) would do that to me...or St. John's Wort (that has an effect on anti-depressants )...
I would definitely invest in some Milk Thistle though and B vitamins.
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ShaneW (02-05-2012)
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Originally Posted by Purplecatlover View Post
I read a book called Seven Weeks to Sobriety. A nutritional guide to help curb cravings, withdrawals, etc. you can check it out. But check w/ your doc before taking anything. I've followed some of the amino acids they suggest & really haven't had bad cravings. So I think it works. Plus multi, b complex, eat lots of veggies. Water. Avoid sugar. Etc
Purplecatlover - did you find that it worked? When I tried it, it didn't do anything for me. Was wondering how it affected your sobriety - if it helped/etc.
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ShaneW (02-05-2012)
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Originally Posted by stepping View Post
Interesting thread. I love stuff like this

I have been called a vitamin crazy person before; always have been even when drinking. When I stopped drinking for good (yesterday) I added to my usual; (multi, calcium, magnesium) the following:

Vitamin C
Milk Thistle
B Complex
Amino Essential
Taurine (when a craving or anxiety hits)

I am determined to stay quit this time and did a lot of research and am hoping these vitamins help in recovery, craving, anxiety. These along with AA and my strong desire.
How do you take them? Just slam down 7+ pills in 1 sitting? Wow!
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Vitamins really help. I take multivitamins in the morning and B vitamin complex in the afternoon. Afternoon vitamin really does make a difference.

Also I eat smoked fish, instead of artificial fish oil pills. Planning not to increase any more vitamins, otherwise another addiction - vitamin addiction.
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Originally Posted by augustwest View Post
tyrozine helps restore your body's Norepinephrine which is depleted by chronic alcohol and drug abuse. low Norepinephrine is a factor in depression and mood swings. I took tyrozine twice a day(in addition to a multi that contained it) my first few months. it seemed to make a difference.
I was just out looking for this but they didn't have it. The pharmacist said I had to try a health-type shop? I grabbed some Vitamin D and came home All this overcast weather isn't helping my no-drinking + break-up at the same time clause AT ALL.
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Originally Posted by ShaneW View Post
...not sure if either are touching the anxiety/insomnia problems Ive been having.
Vitamins won't resolve this. Staying sober should. Good luck.
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ShaneW (02-05-2012), stepping (02-04-2012)
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stepping on my way...
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"How do you take them? Just slam down 7+ pills in 1 sitting? Wow!"

mwstylee - LOL! I knew I would get this from someone. I always do! It's actually ten pills in all and no not in all one sitting.

I take the multi, amino (temp. in early recovery), fish oil, vitamin C (temp in early recovery), milk thistle (temp. in early recovery) with breakfast.
Calcium and Mag right before bed.
Taurine and GABA only now in early recovery when I get anxiety.
This is not the most vitamins I have ever taken at one time. I am telling you I am a freak when it comes to nutrition and vitamins. I have talked to my doctor about all as well. My dad and brother used to always say.... why do you take such good care of yourself but drink like a fish? I wondered that as well.....I guess that is what addiction does to you. It comes first no matter what! :-/
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mwstylee (02-05-2012)
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Thx for all the replies. This site is such a great resource, so happy I found it & joined.

Im gonna get with my Doc, and see what else I can do in my case vitamin wise. Im all about learning everything I can about getting healthy lately. Its like after poisoning myself for almost 15 years Im eager to enjoy life fully, rather than drinking it away.
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Dee74 (02-05-2012)
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When I left detox on Saturday, I was told to take a multivitamin,folic acid, and Thiamin. It seems to give me energy to get through without upsetting my stomach. Hope this helps, and Good Luck on your journey.
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ShaneW (02-05-2012)
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I have tried the 7 weeks to sobriety and it does work

I was on the program for 6 months and not a drop of alcohol. Felt great. Lost weight. Then I thought I was "healed" and stopped taking the supplements and the cravings came right back. Drinking started again. So, I have just started the program again and you notice a difference on your mood in about 24 hours. Cravings go away. The ability to concentrate returns. It is a lot of pills to take. About 70 a day during the detox phase which last 2 weeks. I believe they have adjusted the formula a bit but it basically consist of pre meal Glutimine powder, enzymes, amino acid, and Taurine. Then 30 minutes later enzymes, vitamin C, multi vitamin which has high doses of the b vitamins, omega-3 fish oil, Calcium Magnesium(I think they have changed this to just magnesium) Betaine HCL, primrose oil with 10% GLA. Then between meals additional vitamin C. Then Tryptophan shortly before bed and meltonin at bedtime. I would encourage anyone looking for a huge help in their recovery to have a look at this. I have tried it all and this seems to have worked the best for me.
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I actually got a Rx for Multi & B1 when I was in treatment, So I just kept doing those since you can do them OTC.

I need to work harder on a healthier diet now!
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