new here and on day 4

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new here and on day 4

I was wondering if anyone else here had lingering headaches when they quit drinking? this is my first time quitting drinking since I realized i felt I had a problem..I also experienced my blood pressure was high for 2 to 3 days..talked with my dr and it seems to be returning to a normal range..does anyone else get real warm real easy? I just feel very alone in this and it scares me. thanks
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Welcome Eltrc

A lot of us have headaches for a while - but do see your Dr again if you're at all worried

I live in Australia so I'm warm most of the year lol - but I did sweat more than usual - that's common too, I think

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Powerless over Alcohol
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Awesome on your choice

And the answer to you questions yes, yes , and yes.

All normal like Dee said dont be afraid to tell your doctor. if you need some relief .

Good love, Inda
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Hi Eltrc. I got headaches for awhile too. Hot and cold sweats also.

I promise you are not alone here.

Keep letting everyone know how you are doing, good or bad.

God bless.
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I've experienced dull headaches some days, they last all day but aren't really too bad, just an annoyance. I presumed it was my brain groaning back to life, but like Dee said, if you're worried, get checked.
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Are you drinking enough fluids? warm + headaches could be lack of water/gatorade..
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