it's about to after my week long binge

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it's about to after my week long binge

So I've been drinking for 6 and half days straight. A lot of crazy stuff have happen in this week. I'm down to my last beer. I thought a 6 pack would pass me out but it didn't. It need to stop but don't think it will be today but tomorrow. If I can fall a sleep and wake up the next day sick and throwing up. I will snap out of it and stop drinking and recover my body. I should have drink the beer really fast but I didn't. Thinking about going to an AA meeting now and after get some alcohol. Keep myself busy and hoping I will not buy any but I don't if I can't pass out it will drive me crazy.

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Is there someone at the AA meeting you can talk to about what's been going on this week?
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Hey bud, I've seen your posts pop up here throughout the months. It seems like once you decide to stop drinking, you feel pretty good...then you start gaining confidence and begin hanging out with your drinking buddies again. One poker night with no booze, chalked it up as a success. Then 2. Then however many, and once again you are back where you started on a nasty weeklong binge. I get it. I'm the same guy as you. Looking at your experiences empiracally, it often comes down to the same wave maker- your drinking friends. Maybe some time away from those guys wouldn't be a bad idea, eh? Good luck bud, start the new year off right tomorrow.
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Hey Action,

I appreciate exactly what you are going through. I am living it.
and though I feel wretched and nervous as all heck, somewhere deep inside of me there is a little worm of hope. I have now ditched my vodka and Baileys, I am breaking down and tearing apart, but and this is the big bit... BUT There has to be a change, and there will be a change, I will make it so..

Do it with me? Be my friend, I will be yours...

I know there are better days for both of us, I have enough fight left for two if you wanna go find them?

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Oh man I saw this coming after your 'I accidentally drank 6 alcoholic drinks' post. I don't know what to tell you.

Is inpatient an option? What's your situation - do you live alone?

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You seem to be living on a roller coaster. Take care of yourself...and dont drink tonight.
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Act10n, I was in the chat when you got on last night. You can do this buddy, just gotta put your foot down and make today your first day of sobriety. And once you do get a few days sober under your belt, and are feeling great and confident, just remember that this problem will always be there. It sucks, and what sucks even more is you have to stop doing the things you used to do while you drank, at least for a while. That includes hanging out with drinking buddies. My friend wants to hang out with me this weekend and the first thing I said to him was "Yeah, for sure, but we can't drink". Its tough, especially when you love playing poker (I'm an avid hold 'em player myself). But you can do it man. Keep coming back.
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Prayers for you to find peace in your life.
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Action!! Sugar...grab the life ring! Honey you are drowning in your alcohol! I know you want help or you would not be here at all. Come back to us...xoxoxo-mags
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Some great advice here act10n.

I let my addiction carry me as a passenger for a long time - the only times I'd quit drinking were when I got too sick or ran out of money...but I know know I could've reached out and gotten help to stop on any day I liked.

Why not start getting back to where you want to be right away?
Why not hit that AA meeting today?

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are you waiting for horrible consequences or what? going to a meeting then buying more? try staying stopped after the meeting....
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