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Fenris 12-13-2011 06:59 AM

Like Sugarbear said: the "not yets". I used to think that alcoholics were homeless, jobless, alone living under a bridge, drinking cheap wine out of a paper bag. I thought, "That's not me." I thought alcoholics were people who had lost jobs, lost homes, lost family and friends, drank every day, went to jail, drove drunk, drank in the morning, drank after work, before work, instead of work...and I thought, "That's not me." I should have added, "not yet" to all of those. Over the years, as my disease got progressively worse, I could put a check mark beside most of the things above. You don't have to wait until you hit bottom to stop drinking. I meet people every day who were much worse off than I was, and also people who hadn't gone as far down the scale. I still find similarities in each of their stories and my own. Look for the similarities and not the differences.


InsertNameHere 12-13-2011 07:11 AM

I hear you on the shyness and on the not thinking I had a problem and deffinetly ditto what has been said on this forum. I started out as a weekend social drinker and ended up as a locked in my room everynight getting hammered. I'm new here as well so I don't have a whole lot of room to talk, but I just wanted to say I agree with the "not yet" concept. My drinking hasn't caused any major problems in my life "yet", and for the longest time I didn't think I had a problem either. A few years and a lot more to drink later and I realize that I do. I hope that helps, I know this site has helped me out, so I figured I should start returning the favor.


Jeans 12-13-2011 11:38 AM

I'm glad eveyone is so understanding on this forum, I was worried about joining and didn't know what to expect. Coming on here is a big step, now just need to stop drinking, and maybe even come clean to my BF that I've been drinking in private. Thanks everybody, if anyone wishes to discuss any similar problems please PM me.

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