Made it thru a second Sunday!

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Made it thru a second Sunday!

Wow! I am onto day 9 and I survived NFL Sunday which included a last second field goal victory by the Packers! Normally a close game like that would have sped up my drinking and I would have been incoherent by the 4th quarter. A couple questions! I have read a few comments about being bored and I am certainly bored but since I am not going out at all I am also feeling smothered. I know my SO cares but I miss “my” time. I know this whole situation is my own doing so I will suck it up and be a happy to begin another week sober!
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Give time time.

keep moving soberly!
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YAY on another Sunday, and yes, it was a good game Great that we enjoyed it AND can remember it As far as the being smothered, I get that way sometimes. I try to get out of the house, even for a few minutes. I think it took time before I was willing to do that, but it has helped.

Hugs and prayers,

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I spent my first days sober trying to learn as much about what was wrong with me as I could. They gave me a Big Book in rehab and I read it over and over. I don't know if AA is for you or not....But I would recommend reading The Doctors Opinion in the beginning and pages 1-43. It explains why we drink like we do. Why we can't stop. Why we can't control it when we start. That was invaluable to me. So if I could recommend something to cure your boredom...That would be it. Know what the problem is...Then find a way to solve it. Good luck to you.
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It was a good game but growing up a Giants fan was a difficult watch

My life is starting to get filled up with other things - just "life" is filling it up. I think I'm going to start yoga and re-claim the "my" time just with a different activity.

For me around day 20 or so it started getting easier.
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