Went to a bar last night...

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Some brave people out there. I was once told an alcoholic is like a man in a closet, covered in gasoline and surrounded by dynamite. A fuse runs to a crowd of people, each of which has ONE match in their hands. And that's all it takes...ONE match...ONE drink.

In my opinion, I think it is very unwise going to bars (or any event) and even PUTTING yourself in a situation that it's possible that ONE drink could be taken.

This is my second time around with sobriety and even though I don't plan on living in a cave, I'll do whatever I can to avoid ANYPLACE where alcohol is served.

I even grocery shop where I can get what I need and avoid the "beer isle" LOL

Is that going to be hard to do? Hell yes it is. But as my man said about sobriety "don't have to change much, just your whole life".
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