Again, Again and Again Day Four

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Again, Again and Again Day Four

Since Sept 24th I have attempted sobriety three times, this is my fourth time. Each time I lapse at about 7 to 10 days in. Thanksgiving was a bust. With my BF's children and a friend from Poland at my home, I proceeded to make a total Ass out of my self. In front of 20 year olds. I'm 47. My embarrassment is beyond reproach but my BF is giving me another chance, God Bless Him. I start Outpatient counseling tomorrow. I have to do it this time, my chances are all used up.
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I am so new and struggling myself but I hope you know you have friends here. I personally feel a bit calmer or at least distracted when I am on the site reading and hopefully being supportive. All the best. Currently I can only count in minutes but this minute is a good one so lets look forward to the next.
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We never lose our chances. Alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful. Alcoholism is a chronic, progessive snd relapsing disease.
Some of us, our last chance was the streets begging change. The bar even gets lower.

I'm glad you're taking action by going to counceling. We have as many chances to succeed over alcohol as we do to lose everything.

I've had so many day fours that I couldn't possibly count them. I hope you catch on quicker than I did.

Wishing you the best.
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I had a problem with day 3 - for years.

I'm glad you're exploring options like counselling Ventura...I wouldn't stop looking for anything else I could find to complement that either....

I hope stuff like that can help you break the deadlock

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Ventura, I did out patient rehab/counseling in Feb. I loved it. This ol'girl learned alot and was able to keep my head on straight this time around...still'll enjoy it. Go in with an open mind and listen!
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Hang in there or hangover Ventura. (But you know that right? ) One day you will be so sick of being heartsick you will get it, if you keep at it, and keep changing up your methods that did not work for you in the past.

I wish I had quit at 47. I didn't until I was 58. Coulda woulda shoulda?

I succeeded brilliantly in quitting before it killed me. I hope you can too.
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Hi Ventura,

I wish you all the best. One thing that worries me is that it sounds like if you don't stop drinking you lose the boyfriend. For some reason that doesn't sit right with me. I hope you are giving up because it is the right and only thing for you to do.

I hope you find the strength determination and the right program to stay sober.

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