Scared to leave my house!

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Gotta love savings the money. The grocery store I go to piles up the wine and beer at an entrance of the store and the isle is straight ahead, I had gotten really good at turning right toward the produce section or left to the rest of the store. I have now gotten much better just walking right on by without a care, I have to, the chips are on that isle too. lol
My anxiety\panic has improved a great deal in my 5(ish) weeks, but I tried to buy-in-bulk when I needed to go to the store during the first couple weeks.
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I like shopping Target too. They have a
nice isle for ur pets.

When seeing alcohol where ever I go,
I know it's there and would have to be
blind to not see it, however, i dont stand
there and dream about what if or maybes.

The end result if I give in will always be
the same. Drunk, shame, guilt, disappointments,
and remorse.

As soon as the thought of alcohol enters
my brain, i quickly say my Serenity Prayer
that I memorized and imbedded in my mind
and brain. I say it over and over and over
again till the urge disappears.

Accepting the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can, and
the wisdom to know the difference.

Continue shopping and dont forget to
smile because you are stronger than
you think you are. Yeah..!
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Originally Posted by overthis View Post
Robbie86- To answer your question, I don't go to meetings yet. When I was 19 and forced to go to AA meetings through a diversion program I felt I had to drink to be able to manage sitting around a bunch of people. I didn't get anything out of the meetings at that time because I was too self-absorbed in my drunken stupor. I am considering going to a meeting and just watching/listening to everyone until I get more comfortable with the experience.
Hey overthis , that sounds like a good approach and I hope it goes well for you . I too am going to leave the meetings for a while and hope that coming to SR daily , and working some steps can help me stay sober . Good luck . Also , I heard that they have meetings online so I am going to check that out too , maybe that could help you also
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And well done for having the courage to go to target alone , I am proud of you .
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