I found a way home, now what?

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I found a way home, now what?

So I got a way to get back to the UK. So now what, I and in the UK then go to the doctors? My problem with this is I do not want to be around the people I know are other alcoholics in my small town, I know they only ever use the assistance as a vacation and an excuse to carry on getting sickness benefit, I can't be around that. So what are my options to get into a detox and rehab program. I've done the 10 day Dtox before but that just wasn't enough, as soon as I was out and around the booze it took over. I need a long term rehab but have no money. WHo can I speak to about this in the Northeast of England.
There is also the problem of financing, I need to work, obviously this is not possible if in rehab, so for people with no savings how can I get around that.
I will be back next week I just want to have a plan. I don't think the doctor will help much, last time I had to wait 2 weeks for Al Abuse team to visit me which within this time I had lost interest in getting sober and was off on one again.
I need to arrive and get into something instantly so my feet don't get the chance to touch the ground, is this possible? I fear otherwise I will be sucked down again very easily.
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I'm not from the UK but there are some UK links here down the bottom of the first post-

You may have to do a bit of leg work to find out all your options, Scrub.

If they're any good, your Dr should know some more, or be able to find out

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The Salvation Army offers assistance all over the world, and they offer free rehab for anyone who wants it.
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