New to this forum. 6 months clean and serene!

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New to this forum. 6 months clean and serene!

Hi to everyone here. I am obviously new to this foru, and I just ket everyone know a little bit about me. I am from Charlotte, NC. I have used since I was around 13 years old, and I am 23 as of right now. I have used, and been addicted to everything under the sun(not worth going into detail) including alcohol. Alcohol was ky best friend for a oing time along with marijuana, everyday, all day.

But eventually I found my way to heroin. I started out just smoking it, and it led me to the needle very fast. I shot dope for just over 1 year, and finally realized I don't HAVE to be in this life. The hustling, scheming, lying to family, and stealing, pawning everything of value just to get that next one. I was sick of being sick every morning. I was sick of looking like a ghost. I was sick of being a SLAVE to heroin. I wanted to enioy my life. I wanted to stop the running around trying to get that next fix.

So I started going to NA meetings multiple time a day, and met some great like minded people. Have been through 2 sponsors and looking for another one right nowThen I got into an outpatient treatment program(4 months long), found an addictionologist and he put me on suboxone. I have been clean for 6 months, taking half a sub 3 times every 24 hours. My life has got so much better.

I have my car fixed and running, I have a cell phone, I have had a promotion and 2 pay raises, I have my families trust. And most of all I have control of my life. I often sometimes think about using, but then I remind myself about the last couple of months in active addiction, and its not something I want to to over again.

Nice to he here around some people in recovery. Sorry for the long story, just wanted to let you guys know exactly where I am at this moment.

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good luck, Im new here too booze is my only addiction, but an addict I am, I wish you well for your recovery
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Welcome to SR! It's a great place for support! Sounds like you are on the right path... keep reading and posting!!
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Thanks for sharing your success story with us, keepcomingback. You can bet that you have made a big difference for someone today. Well done.
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welcome and thanks for sharing.
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Welcome to SR keepcominbak704
Congratulations on your 6 months

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Thanks everyone for your feedback and support. It is cool that there is a forum like this out there, I stumble upon it last night, and registered this morning. Seems like there is a pretty strong community here. I look forward to visiting this site often.
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So glad you're here, keepcominbak!

It's great to hear that you've turned things around. I credit this place with my sobriety today and I know you'll find it's a great addition to your recovery program.

See ya around the forum.....
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Welcome! I'm glad you've turned your life around Here you'll only find more support!
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I'm here to learn!
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Welcome to SR, and congrats on 6 months!
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