Dealing with mass shooting in neighborhood, sober

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Dealing with mass shooting in neighborhood, sober

Some guy opened up with an automatic in strip mall this morning just down the road from me , where I grocery shop and stuff. 9 people shot, 4 dead so far including the shooter. I wasn't there but I'm still freaked out and feeling bad about it. Don't know who was shot or if I know any of the victims. It just feels really weird to have all these emotions running around in me with nowhere to go. Normally, I'd have already been drinking and would have just upped the quantity and frequency until I was just numbed out. Now I have to just get it together as a sober person. I thought just sharing on SR would help get it out. I guess that's it, now I'll just have to see what plays out. Thanks.
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i read something about the I-Hop?
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I think I just read about it. I'm very sorry to hear it. Perhaps there's a vigil you can join this evening?

Peace & Love,
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There's an ihop near me...

Fitz, stay sober, man! I feel your anxiety and sadness. Wow. The world is full of sick people. I chose to stay home today. I know it wasn't on my news. So sorry. Keep posting if you need to. That's frightening news. Prayers sent your way
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Just searched it. Wow. Nothing to add but more prayers.
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I'm sorry that you are so close to this tragic shooting. Understandbly, it doesn't make any sense and will be hard to deal with for all those involved.

Know that you can get through this and that the feelings are just feelings. You can feel them and let them go.
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(((Fitz))) Posting here was smart. The first day after something like this happens is very intense. The feelings fade naturally over time which I'm sure you're already experiencing. I would be aware of what other thoughts are surfacing. For me that's where the trouble starts. I have to ask myself am I trying to manage my feelings or letting them run their course. Sending you positive thoughts.
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I'm really sorry Fitz.

best thoughts and prayers to you & all who have been touched by this terrible event.

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I'm sorry you had to deal with this, but so proud of you for handling it sober. During terrible events I always ran for a drink - never learned to process my feelings the right way. Prayers for all concerned, and for you Fitz.
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So sorry that you are dealing with this, best wishes and prayers your way.
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Just an update check in. Its all over the news and neighborhood so easy to get sucked into the drama. It's tough because this is a fairly small insulated town where I've lived and worked for 25 years and gotten to know a lot of people. I took a little time to kind of pray/bless/meditate for all those impacted and to center myself. The meditation worked a lot better than my old liquid medication. I'm anxious and fearful for when the victim list gets released and then think whether I know anyone or not its such a rippling loss. God, I'm so grateful I'm sober.
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