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Originally Posted by MesoFreak View Post
I already know where this path will end, I am just prolonging the inevitable.
I think that this is most often the case.

For eating and just hanging out I drink sparkling water (soda water, Perrier,carbonated water, seltzer, whatever you call it) and to make it more interesting/special I'm adding flavors and such.

things like this:
Basil Mint Lemonade
Basil and Mint Lemonade |

Lemon Mint Cube
Lemon Mint Ice Cubes | She Wears Many Hats

Homeade Ginger Syrup (for ginger ale)
Homemade Ginger Syrup for ginger ale
(skip the alcohol of course)

Italian Sodas
Sugar and Charm: italian sodas
The big thing for me is it's SOOOO much easier to not drink than to try an moderate!

It's been 2 1/2 months since I stopped drinking. I still miss it once in a while but the feeling goes away. Things like DUIs and feelings of humiliation don't really go away.
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I have the same issue. i'am a connoisseur of good beer. I binge drink aswell. I find myself rampinig up the amount during the week. like a bomb counting down to the weekend. it starts over on Monday and slowly gets worse. but it usually ends up with me snapping at the most minimal things and the anger train don't stop. I feel a good way to check my control level is just stop drinki, like ive done so many times before. but it quickly just continues where I left off. like a messed up dream
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