A word of advice, please.

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A word of advice, please.

Hello all.

I came to this forum many months ago and gave my story. I will repeat it if necessary. In summary...I am an alcoholic. How's that for short and sweet?

My problem...

I am, like I have said in the past, "a private, functioning alcoholic". I have a great job, and my employers have offered me a membership in a year-long "course" that will develop and help me hone my skills as a leader. The first session is this coming weekend, and it involves an overnight in which I will have a roommate...or at least I'm pretty sure I will. Regardless, I cannot sleep without having around a half pint of liquor. Trust me. I know this. So, it seems to me I have one of two options...

1) No alcohol that night. In this case, I will not sleep for any healthy amount of time. In the small fragments of time that I actually fall asleep, I will have nightmares and will probably talk (or yell) in my sleep. It happens almost every time, and it would be very embarrassing on this occasion.

2) Sneak in a little liquor, hide it somehow, and drink it before bed. Sleep well.

Did any of you experience this when you were quitting? If I were to somehow make myself quit for four days (or gradually wean), might the fifth be different? I don't know because I don't remember the last time I went more than a couple of days without drinking. In addition, my attempts at weaning have been unsuccessful in the past. Maybe I have a more concrete goal now, huh.

Of course, just sharing this with you all is embarrassing in itself. I guess part of me is shaming myself here just to make a myself. I feel about an inch tall right now.
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Aren't you tired of sneaking? Man I used to hate that on business trips; trying to get to-go cups to take up to my room so I could drink without being seen. Or having finding a liquor store be a priority; often before I figured out what to do about dinner.

It sounds like you're in a pickle though. I'd think about quitting and talk to your doctor about the sleep problem. Maybe he/she can give you something to help you sleep.
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I did try weaning for a day several times before I quit. That's all I could manage, so I guess it was pretty unsucessful (as far as the whole concept of weaning goes)

Just by posting here and admitting you have a dependency is a good first step to reaching out and getting some help.

Hope you won't have to waste all the years I did to get sober; ...
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I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation DJD88.

I have no advice other than discussing the whole of your problem with your Dr.
Maybe it can be the first step in dealing with the problem as a whole?

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Weaning or tapering needs to include reducing over a long period of time, not a 4 day period. Reduce the number of ounces, drink that for 3-4 days, reduce ounces, repeat, reduce and repeat 3-4 days, continue to then get to a low amount and seek medical assistance as it can still be serious for your health as daily drinking and stopping abruptly, no matter the amount, can be deadly.

I don't have your experience, can't share, but I wish you well in your situation.
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