Day 10...

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Beating this demon for GOOD
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Day 10...

and I feel good overall. It's been a ride for sure and continues to be, but the end result is worth it.

I go to at least one meeting a day, more on weekends (that's the hardest time for me), and plan to keep on with it.

I am relearning a lot of things, like solidifying a better relationship with my daughter, and am learning to just let a lot of things go. Pick my battles if you will, instead of acting like some "dictator" instead of a mother. I have realized even sober that I am very impatient with her at times, and need to remind myself that she is only a child, not an adult (she is very mature for her age, though).

I am also working on my short temper overall, and trying very hard to be non-judgemental and compassionate towards all people (I used to love to get drunk and gossip about this one or that one, and judge their choices, and lifestyle. Like MINE was better?! Very pathetic and sad, not to mention mean). I think deep down I was jealous that they didn't have my problem, truth be told.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you!! You are wonderful and keep me in the "know" in the gentlest possible way that I can do this and that we are all in this together.
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That's the challenge and the gift of recovery, working on building and rebuilding our selves, humans becoming. Sobriety is to stop drinking, recovery is to keep moving. Thanks for the thread and my best to you.
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Ten days is fabulous! Remember, you didn't drink for only ten days, so you won't change completely in ten days. In fact, you have 10 dry days, but your mind is just getting un-numb. It's a toxic state. Keep going to meetings, it gets better. Just don't drink!
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congratulations. I look forward to seeing 10 days!! Good job
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Hey Newtosoberlivin, reading your post sounds a lot like me, yea, quitting the drink is only the first part, the next part come with working on us. It’s worth it, and it does get better and better, although there will be trying times.

Congrats on 10 days!!
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Good for you continuing to work on yourself and grow. That's what recovery is all about.

I used to gossip too, and I think it was my insecurity that led me to do that. Thankfully, I have different people in my life now and different things to talk about.
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Wow, newtosoberliving, thank you for such an honest post!! I, too, LOVED to sit and drink wine and gossip about other people's bad choices. Man, what a waste of time. Not to mention mean, extremely self-serving, close-minded and hypocritical!!

You have given yourself a beautiful gift by choosing sobriety!! And your daughter- she's lucky to have such a wise mama!

Have a great weekend!!

PS- If you haven't seen this blog/forum yet, you may want to check it out. It's written by a mother who decided to quit drinking. I just love reading everyone's story, very validating and inspiring. Here's the site: Don’t Get Drunk Friday | Stefanie Wilder Taylor
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Many people in AA go to a lot of meetings in the beginning. I'm glad that you are able to do so and are finding success. Do you have a sponsor yet?

You know, if you go to a lot of meetings people will get to know you. Pay attention to how the meetings are run, after 6 months my sponsor asked me to start chairing some meetings. I was pretty nervous at first, but I enjoyed it.
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Congrats on 10 days—that is a big, BIG step.

You can count me among the recovering gossips, too. I liked conversations served up just like my beer; cold and bitter. It's amazing how much more likable everyone else has become since I stopped drinking.
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I'm here to learn!
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10 days is great! Congratulations.
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