So Bummed Out, Fell Off The Wagon, Today Is Day 1 AGAIN

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So Bummed Out, Fell Off The Wagon, Today Is Day 1 AGAIN

I'll make this brief: I fell off the wagon almost a month ago. Now when I drink I have stomach and back pain. My body is truly giving me warning signs to quit forever. I am so grateful you all are here. Pray for me please. thanks.
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So glad you decided to stay with SR. You can join the August 2011 class...we got a great group!
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I'm here to learn!
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Welcome back!

You were just practicing the first time around, this time it'll stick.

What did you learn from your relapse? What are you going to do differently this time around that will keep you clean permanently?

I would consider going to a doctor to have yourself checked out as well if you are experiencing physical symptoms. Plus withdrawals can be worse if you've gone through them multiple times.
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Bunny - The point is, you're back and willing to try again. Some never give it another shot. You definitely can do this and maybe this time you'll be more determined. We're here to listen & help!
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You can stay stopped! Prayers sent

Also, get a doctor appointment. Could be an organ calling out to you for help...I'm NOT a doctor.

More prayers sent

Have you been to AA...I was just wondering where you've been, was in the women's thread looking at your post....
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Today is Day 1 again for me too...I fell off the wagon after two months due to stressing about my future, but it doesn't help. Stick with it!
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You are in my prayers.
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Welcome back BL.

Many of us faltered a time or two - think about what you can add to what you did last time and try again

I hope you'll see a Dr too

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Today is a good day.

Today is day 1 for me, too.
I'm glad you are here.
I know I am not alone.
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Hi Bunny,

I have just been listening to this website on relapses.

Good on you for getting back on the wagon. Look at the pain as a blessing another incentive to stop drinking.

We are here for you and each other.
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Thank you all so much! The pain scares me. Not a drink today, and no pain, either. Even when I drank again for a while, I hated it...but I loved it too. Well, 1 day down. And hopefully I will be fine tomorrow. So nice to have support here! Have a great night everyone.
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Beating this demon for GOOD
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keep fighting the good fight!!! Glad you are here with all of us!!!
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