Year clean and no friends left

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Year clean and no friends left

I was hurt a few years ago and the pharmaceutical opiates flowed like water dilaudid and fentynal. After a while that was no longer good enough so I added heroin and cocaine to help numb the physical pain and the mental pain of being assaulted.
I got my self derided and I to the local methadone clinic, for awhile I held onto some of the people I used to hang out with for the past few years of my usage but as I got better they staied the same. Or o figured out we had NOTHING in common other then our drug use.
I called it off with my girl friend and slowly let the fake relationships dissolve around me and no I feel as if I have zero friends left, honestly there are maybe tWo people out side of my family I can talk to.
I consider my self a very socia person but I just do t have any friends, I think the reason is I don't want to get new ones is because I would have to go I to my past, and every one loves a drug addict......right.

What do any of you do to make new friends. Im 25 and on disability.
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Hi Penroc

Congratulations on your year - that's a great achievement

I'm on disability too - I found volunteering was a good way to both fill in my time and get back out in the community and meet new people. I really recommend it.

If you have any hobbies thats another way to meet social groups are good too - if you're Christian

I don't see any reason to go too deeply into your past with people you've just met.
I certainly wouldn't discuss my past with anyone I didn't trust.

Don't put yourself down - your troubles are in the past.
We can have happy and fulfilled lives - I and many others here are the proof of that.

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I'm making new friends in aa meetings now. My world is still small, but very caring people.
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Dee's advice is excellent, Penroc.

Good for you for staying sober.
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Life the gift of recovery!
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Welcome to SR.

Dee makes a lot of sense.
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Learning to live again
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Glad to meet you Penroc. I'm sorry you feel friendless at the moment. You'll find you've made some new friends just by coming here, though. We're so glad you've joined us.

I lost touch with alot of people too, when I got sober. I was always shy, but managed to overcome that while I drank. All the wrong sort of people, though - fairweather friends as they say. I was amazed at how little I had in common with the ones I used to spend hours talking to. You really aren't alone with this - it happens alot. Hope you'll follow Dee's suggestions - but meanwhile, we are here. Congrats on your year clean!
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