I finally went to a meeting

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I finally went to a meeting

I was petrified and shaking and so nervous but I walked into the room. My BIL and one other guy was there. It was obvious it would be a very small meeting. After a while 3 other people showed up. So in all there were 5 of us total. One guy told his story (very long) and then the guy sitting next to me told his story. This was actually a NA meeting not AA but that didn't really matter.

The guy next to me turned to me and asked me if it was my first meeting ever and I said yes then he asked if I chose to come and I said yes. He thought that was cool. He then asked me my story. I was NOT ready to talk about it. I could barely say anything without almost cryinig. My BIL picked up on this and started talking about something else.

My BIL talked to me some after the meeting. I didn't have a lot of time because I had to get back to work. He asked if I thought we needed to spend some one on one time and I said maybe and he said YES. All the people in the meeting except the one guy came up and hugged me afterwards and told me to keep coming back.

BIL chairs another meeting Thursday night and I might go. I am still debating the meeting tonight. It isn't until 6:30 which means I'd have to find something to do until then. My house is 30 miles away. I'd really like to go and see if I like it. I would like to go to an actual AA meeting and an all women meeting.

Anyway, I am glad I went. Now I know I can walk into another meeting and not be afraid. I will definately go back to the Tuesday lunch meeting with BIL. I can't thank you guys enough for all your support.

I got a "chip" today. It is white (the color of surrender) and says "Just for Today".
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I love my white chip. I keep it close to me. Great job cleareyes. I love AA. We are doing it right this time.
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I think it's good to try a lot of meetings, they are all a little bit different with different people there. After awhile you will find your favorites.
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Good for you. I think our relatives that are further along in AA are very valuable. And they're not judgmental--at least my sister isn't. I just don't want to tell her too much because I don't want to scare her. It seems like the responsibility of talking me down could cause her to relapse...does that make sense? So I try not to talk about it, but it's a big deal right now.
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Awesome update...good for you...thank you for sharing.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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That is really good news....
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that is awesome!!!
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I'm here to learn!
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So glad your bro in law came through! I'm really happy you went. Sounds like it wasn't a huge a-ha moment for you, but you overcame your fears. Congrats, that is a huge step!

Like Zebra said, meetings can really vary, so don't be afraid to try a few out and don't feel like you're committing to anything by going.

Watch out for bad meetings where all they talk about is drinking and they don't talk about recovery. A good test is if you walk out of the meeting feeling like you want to go have a drink then you probably don't want to go back. If you leave excited about your sobriety then you should return!

Best of luck to you in your continued journey!
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Another way to look at it.

I prefer to go to meetings that that talk about solutions to drinking and life's issues. I learn a lot from other people on strategies.
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