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Life the gift of recovery!
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Thank you Anna for a wonderful post.

Lately I have found it distressing to see several posts that were quite negative. These wound up in arguments of my program is better than yours when it really does not matter. What matters is helping everyone here by sharing support, experience, and hope.

Thank you for helping redirect what SR is about.
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I was fuming about posting something regarding this endless debating of recovery programs after Dee posted about "splitting the recovery atom."

My main fear is that a newcomer, like me, would stumble onto SR and find this debate over AA or AVRT or NA or goat entrails and be overwhelmed about which way to turn for help.

Any program that keeps you sober works (and to out myself, I'll add, if you work it!).

I've played the game, too. And I've been sucked into these debates with somewwhat of a prurient interest on my part, following hijacked threads just to build up a resentment towards an offender on purpose!

Guess I'm in the right program for me!
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This is my recovery family whether you know it or not!
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Hollyce Jones
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From one hopeless optimist...

"...posts that show me that the member is inviting positivity into his/her life, rather than negativity."

Right on, Anna. I can relate to that! I just try to stay focused on what I'm grateful for, and find things to celebrate! A hopeless optimist... that's what I am, so cheers to us and those alike.

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