Like so many others, here I go....

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Like so many others, here I go....

Today is day one and this will be the first time I have ever tried quitting besides giving it up for lent when I was 26! I have suffered from anxiety my whole life. Finally got help 10 years ago and went on meds which helped quite a bit. Nothing seems to help like 3-4 stiff drinks which is why I am in this mess. I am sure the anxiety will get much worse over the next couple of weeks but I really hope it will get better. Hangovers make the anxiety really bad so you would think this dumby would have quit before now!! Like I said in the I go.............
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Good for you Duke10. Your life is about to change for the better.Yes the first few weeks will be tough but stay strong and you'll make it through.

SOBAHs Bettah
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did you tell doc about drinking before the pills were prescribed?
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I told him I only had 2-3 drinks a day on average which back then was close to the truth.
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Welcome to day one--the only way to start. As an ex doctor medicated and self-medicated person with anxiety you might not want to think too much about your anxiety level getting much worse, it'll just make you more anxious. All my best to you in your recovery.
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Welcome aboard Duke,

I also have anxiety and panic attacks, but I'm now currently divorced from the cause of mine. I now think that the anxiety and panic attacks that I have felt recently was from the drinking.

I also quit drinking for lent this year, but, of course, you know I had a case of beer hidden in my closet. (lol).
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Welcome Duke

If your anxiety does get worse, maybe go back and see your Dr.

I'd recommend you be totally honest though - I realise it was many years ago for you, but I've finally realised close to the truth is not really enough when it's my health and well being being considered

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i've done my almost
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Well done Duke!

We can and do recover. You can be living proof.

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you can definitely make it!
it's sounds like you are ready, and that's very important.
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Duke,I can trully drinking got bad right around the time I was diagnosed with ptsd and general anxiety....I dont remember which led to what but in a brief few weeks it all tied together.From my experice not drinking for a couple days made me more anxious...BUT drinking too much made me anxious as well...It wasnt until recently and 4 years later that I see that alcohol was the main stimulant in my anxiety,,,,and for me it was withdrawing or overdoing...SO I cant win for losing...Personally I can say after several days of feeling like my breathing would stop and my heart would burst or my brain would drive me insane...from passed...Im only on week 2 but Ive had NO anxiety since.....the same as before I ever got wrapped up into drinking to "calm" myself...You can private message me if you need a friend...I cant give advice as Im new to this as well ....
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I totally hear you on the hangover anxiety thing. Not only does your body feel drained but you feel anxious/guilt/terrible... :|
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Congratulations on your decision and welcome!

Anxiety meds work for me! I just saw my doctor and told him the truth about my recovery and self-medicating with booze. He gave me a supplemental medicine to help me through recovery, and to see if I want to continue with it.

Best of luck to you!
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Well one day in and I am not doing the best but hanging. I decided to call my doctor and let him know what I am doing. Maybe there is something to help me in the short term. Went to BWW's to pick up dinner and there was the bar and Big Mike the bartender. Ouch. I brought my daughter with me to help. I hate drinking in front of my children so I made it. Thanks for all your advice.
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