Its already started..

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Its already started..

Well I have a big event coming up overseas and it usually involves a lot of wine. Well I think my higher power has intervened a few times as other events have been cancelled or postponed and this has allowed me to get a solid 6 months + under my belt.

But it has already started phone calls and emails from people who will be at the event saying they can't wait to have some drinks with me, or a lot. Oh well I was this person once so I can't blame them. I was a bit of a talkitive and funny drunk, but would happen to end up kissing an inappropriate person at the end of the night ughh, nothing I would ever do sober.

So it is work related so I still have a little fear of my secret getting out, people already know I have lost 20kg (40 pounds) so I am sure people know I have done something.

I am thinking of having a glass with apple juice in it, maybe just two to give the impression and ward of questions. The other thing I could do is joking with the girls and saying I am not drinking as I seem to get taken advantage of wink wink. hmmph. I hope I can get myself together with my plan as that will be very important.
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I dunno Ring...I think we can make too much of being a non drinker.
I spent yesterday with relatives - all big drinkers - all who last knew me as a drinker...

I was asked if I wanted a drink...I said no problem....

I said I don't drink anymore to some of the more drunker insistent ones later on....and that was it

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I agree with Dee.

You don't owe people an explanation. A simple 'No, thanks' should do it.
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...than never
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At first I shunned drunk events, but now they don't bother me. I don't seek them out, but I don't avoid them too much nowadays either. It turns out that drunk people are pretty focused on their own buzz (like I was when I was drunk), and most of the time don't even notice you aren't drinking. The first time you turn down a drink can be noticeable, but the people I hang around with adjusted pretty fast to me not drinking.

Good luck, many here have faced similar situations and done just fine. You can too!
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I agree with Dee and Anna. lol What you drink is nobodies business but your own. A simple "no thanks" should suffice. I think you'll make out just fine. I'm happy to hear you have some time under your belt. Have a good time and enjoy the company. You'll actually remember it!!

Best Wishes To You!
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