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Doesn't sound like it was the camping, per se, that was the attraction for you. So you might not even enjoy it sober.

There are plenty of other things to enjoy that you don't already have associated with drinking. New things.

Heck, the last time I went camping was a good twenty years ago. I can't say it's been a severe detriment to my life--something I will regret on my deathbed not having spent more time doing.
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LexieCat hit the nail on the head!

Wow! You'r dead on! The REAL attraction of the camping trip was to sit there by the fire, at night, drinking multiple rum and cokes, until I passed out on a blanket while everyone else kept talking and listening to my friend Francois strum his guitar and sing!

I really feel that SOME things really can't be done any longer, if they are THAT hardcoded into the person's brain, as something that would go ONLY WITH DRINKING.

Let me give more detail, please - I have gone camping every year from age 28 to 46, and gotten completed hammered drunk, with my 3 best friends and 2 brothers.

The last 2 years I refused to go, because I was already drinking so much, and knew that I would drink even more if I went camping.

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I'm with you, Kelly. Camping has always been a favorite of mine, and I have said no to two trips all ready this summer. I hope someday I can find a way to incorperate it into my sober lifestyle, because the mountains are way too beautiful to deny myself.
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KellyE - I'm an outdoor enthusiast. Canoeing and Camping (and that means in the winter, as well), backpacking, dayhiking, snowshoeing, x-country skiing....but, my biggest love is camping. And yes, it always involved drinking. Canoe/camping was "steer and drink beer". Just my hubby and I went out to our 7-1/2 acres last weekend, and we camped. We normally would have sat around and drinked beer, even just the two of us. But, we didn't, and I had a great time.

We also stopped over the 4th of July weekend at a friend's place who was holding his annual camp (which meant drinking from breakfast until the time you went to bed, and starting all over the next day). Well, I passed on every offer to have a beer. And big bottle of Crown was staring me in the face, and I ignored it like it was a bottle of vomit.

I love camping with family and friends too much to give up. But, I also feel if you need to pass on it right now to keep sober, that is the right choice. But, I hope you find your way back into it if you truly love and appreciate it.

Many people think we are nuts for sleeping in a tent when it's 5 degrees out. But, they've never sat around a fire at night, looked up and saw the stars like you do in the winter. They've never seen how a flashlight is unheard of, becuase you can see everything under the light of the moon in the woods when the ground is white. They've never woken up to a fresh blanket of snow on every twig, branch, and weed which creates the most beautiful winter wonderland one can ever be in. The peace and enjoyment is amazing. And no mosquitoes, is a bonus!

If camping is in your heart, you will find your way back to it. Maybe by taking some time off, you can learn of some friends that enjoy it as much as you, but don't make it into a drunkfest. Also, if there is someone in your group you can confide it that can help you through these campouts, that might be something down the road you can consider.

I am holding my girls' campout this year. There's about 20 of us, and I normally drink most of the weekend (shocking)...I will not cancel it because of this. I know my friends that accept me for who I am will understand when I say, I quit drinking. Simple as that. And the ones that don't understand, they were not true friends to begin with.

Oh, and that's why backpacking is so count ounces, so no room for alcohol! Not sure if you've ever considered that - but it's a great way to get outdoors.

I wish you the best and hope someday you can return to it. Now might not be the time if you have concern.
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Funny you bring this up. Camping this weekend too but with safe peeps. Actually it will be fun. A new memory I'm sure that will be good!
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Camping is my absolute favorite summer activity (and we are talking a tent, none of them comfy trailers or 5th wheels for us!) and so I will find a way to be able to do it without alcohol. My fondest memories of camping were as a kid and hey I didn't drink then!

But for me, it's because I do enjoy it so very much. If it was something that I just found okay, especially only with the alcohol, I would definitely plan to avoid it. Why put yourself through that - not just the temptation but the worry and angst?
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I hate how drinking can spoil something like that, but I can relate. My memories of camping were filled w/ that, fun, games, and drinking. It SHOULD be that way, but people like myself have a drinking problem, so it's best to avoid.

I wish I didn't have a drinking problem, then one or two trully cannot hurt, if you know what I mean.

Being strong in your scenario is good. =)
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