Help this evening

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Help this evening

So I posted earlier about my decision to stop drinking. Yesterday first day. Tonight is my second but I am extremely uncomfortable and so tempted to drink. I was prescribed some Meds to help with my withdrawals. I find my self wanting the pill so I don't have to deal with my alcohol craving and uncomfortableness. I am afraid that i will go from one thing to another. Has anyone felt this way? Is it temporary or should I be cautioned.I can't stand sitting with my self
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If you spoke to your doctor, were honest with him about your alcohol usage levels and he prescribing you medication to help with the withdrawals and you are struggling then you shouldn't second guess your primary care physician.

Words of advice- use them exactly as prescribed, speak to your doc on your next visit about your concerns (maybe make one tomorrow for soon if you don't have a follow up set) and if you feel strange about taking them- go sit in the waiting room and see your doc immediately (like the next morning).

We have doctors for a reason, again I predicate the above on your honesty with him/her when you spoke about your situation and their knowledge of you as their patient.

If you just doctor shopped or saw somebody you've never seen before, I'd probably think twice about using meds without a second opinion.
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The doctor I saw today was the first time. I just moved to the area so I dont have a primary care physician. I looked in the phone book and found one. I probably will research a little better I was just o desperate to find one today.
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Powerless over Alcohol
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I am right with Swan Song

I was worried about that also, I followed what my doc said and had a eight day tapered supply of ativan.

Now on day 17 tied for a person best

Even though I dont count the other time of 17 days that, I did not have a choice being in jail and all.

But this time is for me , so keep going foward and I"ll look forward to hearing about your 3 day
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I have detoxed several times. Sometimes with Valium and sometimes without. I can say from experience without the meds you will climb up the walls!

You'll scratch your skin until it's scabby. Sweat so much your bed will be drenched. Shake so much you cant hold a glass. You wont sleep at all and if you do it will be filled with nightmares. Your pulse will go to 100 at rest. You won't be able to eat. There will be ants crawling on your skin. You will see things in the corner of your eye that aren't there. And you will hear a strange "WOOOH WOOOH WOOOH" in one of your ears.
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