I'm sooo sorry I'm not perfect

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I'm sooo sorry I'm not perfect

I tried to get my post deleted and I'm ignored. I write on here I'm ignored guess I'm too much of a loser right?
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Are you trying to get sober? Your post do matter...there is alot of support here.
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You were not ignored.

Your post, in the Alcoholism forum, was removed earlier today.
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Hey, InnerChild, just wanted to wave "hi" and say I have PTSD too.

I was reading your posts and thought to myself, it does sound like self-medication for anxiety.

Booze really scares me. I grew up in an alcoholic home. I saw people who started out only having a few drinks every day, go to passing out drunk every day over time.

First the man takes a drink. Then the drink takes a drink. Then the drink takes the man.

I wish you the best of luck, and a life filled with peace instead of anxiety.
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I know the feeling, i was at a 4th of july family gathering where i would normaly be drinking just enough to feel cleaver, everyone was laughing and having fun (but not drinkng) and every time i'd say somthing i'd regret it and feel like a square block tryng to fit in a round hole. it really made me feel upset.

When i first started drinkng it just seemed like my thoughts were better sorted and now there scrambled, i still have lots of work to do.

Anyway I didnt see your post but your in the right place for support.

I really hope things get better for you... let us know how things are going.

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Be patient. Not everyone viewing replies, you can't take it personally. One way to ensure some replies is to post a specific question about your situation or a general question about recovery or addiction. But everyone here wants you to get better.
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Thanks guys I'm PMSIng I have premenstrual dysphoric disorder and my paranoia and sensitivity gets really bad.I was super depressed yesterday because of it but thank yo for your kind words.
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