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RegretfulDrunk 06-22-2011 03:00 PM

Lunch time + bars near work = drinking everyday at lunch
I have developed a super bad habit of drinking at bars during lunch (sometimes getting food at same places). I either get buzzed/drunk and come back to work and try to act normal - or I stay at the bar all day and respond to emails on my phone (thinking it makes me seem like I am at work).

This has gotten really bad - I have gotten into a minor car crash ("not my fault" and not busted for Dui), verbally abused loved ones, came back to work and attended a meeting drunk in which my boss was pretty suspicious of my behavior. I have not done the liquid lunch thing for the past two days, but am very afraid of this new habit. Its all too easy to do, and that's very dangerous for me.

I stopped drinking for over a year before but now drink pretty often during lunch. I usually sober up mostly by late evening and my wife only knew once - but this is BAD!!!!!! Anyone else have this particular problem with lunch time?

Dee74 06-22-2011 03:08 PM

Welcome :)

I'd be eating at the many places where no alcohol is served, RD :dunno:

Have you looked for support outside of SR for your problem?


Adisa1101 06-22-2011 03:12 PM

i have totally been there. it slowly went from drinking occasionally at lunch to everyday. coming back buzzed and being able to pull it off for quite some time. clients and other employees began to notice and word quickly spread to my boss. i was immediately terminated. after four years it all came to a grinding stop. it was a wake up call for sure. i went to rehab shortly after needless to say. but i lost alot. you still have your job. drinking during the middle of the day was something i never thought id do. or need. but it quickly became a pattern. looking back it wasnt worth it. people are definitely watching. and if they even suspect it they will be keeping a close eye on you. believe me. try and change your routine. i know its not easy. much luck.

Anna 06-22-2011 04:32 PM

Why not try something different? Go to a restaurant that doesn't serve alcohol, bring your lunch from home, go for a run during lunch, try shaking up your routine.

tomdecel 06-22-2011 04:51 PM

If you stopped drinking for a year, you know what it takes.

I had the luxury of being self employed, producing technical drawings in my one man office. Some people would have a glass of wine for lunch. I would have a bottle or two. Most often it was the hard stuff too. But I knew that people always knew.

I was able to work loaded, but it used to take so much more energy to hide my slurring speech, constant excuses and delays, and plain old not remembering on Wednesday what I had promised on Tuesday, that stopping was my only solution.

If you stopped before, analyze what it took for you to do it and keep trying. You know it can be done.

Zebra1275 06-22-2011 05:23 PM

It sounds like your boss suspects you are drinking and it's just a matter of time before he confronts you. And if he is savvy, he will confront you someday when you come back from a liquid lunch. And if you are subject to a breathalyzer test, well, you're screwed.

It seems to me that you have 3 choices.

Stop drinking and let him always wonder.
Keep drinking at lunch and lose your job.
Or talk to your boss, tell him you have a problem and that you want to seek treatment for it.

CarolD 06-22-2011 06:19 PM

Why not check out your local AA meetings? Some groups have noon meeting and you can also bring along food..:)

Or stay in the workplace...bring your lunch...and then your job may not be in danger...because it sounds as tho it is...:yup:


Latte 06-22-2011 06:26 PM

Welcome. I am so glad you are here.

I loved the Out To Lunch Bunch meeting I attended when I was first getting sober. My 2 year old and I ate our lunch, she ate some cookies and I got some amazing support during that first year.

I think you will find a lot of support here. Please read and keep posting.

serious 06-22-2011 06:30 PM

i used to do something very similar... i thought i could get away with it. looking back it was clear that people noticed. how stupid.

do whatever you can to avoid this habit. drinking daily was bad enough for me, adding lunch breaks to have a "couple" was insane (although at that point i felt like i was saving myself from collapsing).

no, no, no... bad thoughts ... bad ideas :)

kiki5711 06-23-2011 04:05 AM

why not bring your lunch from home......:)

honestly! why would you want to put yourself through such a tormented afternoon every single day? how can you even enjoy the drinking knowing the rest of the day you'll have to focus super hard, not only to work, but to cover the fact that you've been drinking? where's the fun in that?

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