648 days. thanks s.r.

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648 days. thanks s.r.

it's been awhile since i posted and i've been meaning to do it. just stay too busy now that i don't drink and have become a responsible dad and husband.

not gonna lie. it sucked at first. i quit following a 3 day weekend in sept. of 09. 3 day weekends were always great and awful. great because i didn't have to work. awful because i'd be toxic on tuesday morning.

i honestly could not have done it without this place. i thank god it was here. i lived on here at first. i thank all of the regulars that encouraged me early on.

i've updated from time to time but it's been awhile. in the last year and 9 months i've been able to help my family so much.

i watched my oldest son graduate college in dec. of 09. 2 weeks ago i watched my youngest son graduate high school and later the same day my oldest son got married.

i've been able to renovate (rebuild 3 rooms) a house for the oldest son and his (now) wife.

i could not have done this under the influence. i never had the energy and my mind was stuck on when could i get my drink on. and once i got it on i wasn't doing any home

i know a newcomer reading this might think that guy doesn't relate to me. el-bull-crappo as my spanish challenged friend used to tell me. i didn't sleep the first 4 days i quit. i phyically ached. i craved.

every time i passed 'my' liquor store i wanted to stop. but reading the wisdom from those who went before me helped me. reading their encouragement gave me strength.

life is infinitely better now. sure...i have monetary break. houses break. that's gonna happen straight or drunk though. fortunately i have more money now due to not drinking. though a son starting college in august will put me back in the poor house.

i just wanted to check in and say thanks to the 'every-dayers' that welcome all comers. God bless you.

and tell the newcomers they can do it.

love always,

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Thanks David! Inspiring post, thanks for stopping by and sharing!

Oh and congrats to your 648 days. Here's hoping I'll get there too.
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Nice, David! Your post made me smile!

Those early days are so rough. If only we could 'see' into the future to see how bright it was going to be.

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Thanks for catching us up, and congratulations on the # of days.
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Thanks for your post it's always great to hear about a successful recovery.
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newby1961 (06-19-2011)
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Always glad to hear from you!
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Trudging that road.
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:day1 Yippi David you truly are a miracle.

It is so refreshing to see SR working in people's lives sometimes I get caught up in reading all the posts from people who think they can control their drinking like I did and I want to scream. Lol

Happy Fathers Day to you and to all the other Fathers out there!!!!
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Congratulations on 648 days! What an inspiration you are.

Best Wishes To You!
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Fantastic David! Good to hear from you.
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Congrats on 648 days!! Your not a fallen man now Enjoy your day and thank you for sharing.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Always good to see you again....
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congratulations on 648 days!!! Thanks for sharing this on Father's Day you made my day! And Happy Father's Day to You...
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is ☞ optimistic.
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Great progress you have made David! Keep up the good effort.
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Thanks for the update David - glad to hear you're doing well

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Awesome post!!! It really brought to light how we're not only changing our entire future by getting sober, but others' (especially our children) as well. Congratulations!!
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