Hi Folks!! Im brand spankin new here.....

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Hi Folks!! Im brand spankin new here.....

Hello, My name is Josh, Im 35 and Ive been sober since 2/26/2011...a little over 3 months which I was at owls nest recovery center in SC. Looks like a great site and am looking forward to this rocky road of spirituality and living clean and sober. Lord knows I got a long road ahead after 20 years of hard drugs and daily drinking.
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Life the gift of recovery!
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Welcome to SR.

Congrats on your 3 months recovery
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Welcome wharfrataa! I am also 35 this year and have been drinking for 20 years daily. Curious to know how you feel after 3 months, I'm at day 17? This is a wonderful site. I'm on a couple of times a day.
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bona fido dog-lover
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Welcome to our recovery family.
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Welcome to SR Josh

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★May 13,2011★
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Congratulations on 3 months!
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Hey wharf rat! Always room for another dead head! We had a guy here not too long ago, augustwest... LOL. I was just listening to winterland 73 today... Good stuff! I see you are AA, there is a 12 step section... I find Hunter's lyrics at times to be very spiritual.

Welcome to SR!! Stick around and keep posting!
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Thanks for the welcome folks!! Yes, Im a hippie at heart, toured with the Dead back in the day..special times indeed! Love and collect most all live music and sure love to play it too! Working on my acoustic blues nola style tonight! Sobriety kicks ass..Freakin great to be alive!!
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Glad you made it! Welcome to SR.
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Welcome Josh.
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Powerless over Alcohol
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Welcome and congrats on your time

I just started soberity also after drugs and always drinking look foward to having another day let alone a month then two.

I to toured started on my first bday sept 3 1972, my mother started me really early, and like you said good times. Look foward to more of your posts.

Peace, Dylan
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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I noticed your post in our Alcoholism Forum....Hi again and Welcome...
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(((Josh))) - welcome to SR!!

Hugs and prayers,

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Glad you've joined us - and congrats on your 3 months!! This place has made all the difference in my staying sober - lots of good people and lots of support.

Make yourself at home!
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Welcome! I am only on day 11, so three months sounds quite impressive to me!! This site has been an amazing support. Glad you are here.
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Welcome. Keep coming back to SR.
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Welcome, stick around, this site can give you a lot of support.
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Hii and welcome to SR!
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