Ok DEFINITELY last posting for Day 29 of Rehab

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Ok DEFINITELY last posting for Day 29 of Rehab

for Kelly

...just out of AA meeting.

Library closing in 10 minutes.

Chairperson said he couldn't turn off the switch, once his 1st drink was swallowed....I can definitely relate.

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me too.
Sometimes I couldn't turn off my switch *before* the first drink either....

Glad to be living a different way now.
Night Kelly

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Me too - no matter how dire the consequences.
So glad to be free of it.
Night, Kelly.
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I can relate to the difficulty in turning off the switch concept. And many times when I could turn off the switch, I didn't want to.
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Once the switch was turned on I drank until I passed out or went to bed stumbling. I can totally relate.
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Once I start I can't event find the switch
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I think it’s something mental to it as well as the physical thing, I have wanted a beer badly at times and after I had gotten a 12 pack my nerves were better, I hadn’t even opened the beer yet but I felt relief already.

Also for me I had many times said I’ll only go get 1, or maybe 2, 20 ounce beers, or a 6 pack would be ok, by the time I left the store in the end of my drinking career I had a 12 pack and 2, 20 ounce beers most nights.

All this before my first physical drink,
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