Anxiety is wooping me tonight!

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I really think it is the coffee... maybe in combination with the stress, etc. but coffee can REALLY bring on anxiety if you drink too much, especially if you aren't used to it. Try some tea! :-)
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I know that for me, sometimes I just have to just give myself permission to be anxious. I used to try to drink away those feelings. Sometimes things feel bad. When I'm anxious, I just let the feeling happen. This too shall pass and my world doesn't come crashing around me just because I feel bad. And, I lay off the caffine and try to keep a regular sleeping schedule. Best of luck to you.
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I am six months sober and suffering from anxiety. It is really hard some days. All the information given on here is great. I tried anti anxiety meds for two days and never again. I also want to find natural ways of fighting anxiety. Think I am going to try Tension Tamer herbal tea.
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Try running if you can. Great stress relief. I'm currently on prozac which helps a ton! Like night and day. I'm hoping after I am sober long enough I can ween off it though. Who would have thought that I would need anti depressants after consuming a lot of alcohol (depressant) lol
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Just a heads up - but Anxiety is not always "just in your head". The true physical pain and stresses it causes is very real. It is a culmination of a chemical imbalance in the brain (in some cases) get it checked out by a doc if you can.
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