I made it to 30 Days!

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I made it to 30 Days!

I am feeling so clear headed and positive now... what a difference from the cycle of booze/self-hatred/more booze/more self-hatred.

For those at 1 or 2 weeks and thinking they might be able to drink in moderation, don't. Wait at least until 30 days, I think it wasn't until about 3 weeks in that I really started feeling genuinely clear headed and vaguely healthy.

I am still missing having an after work beer or a wine (or 10) with dinner, but certainly not missing the hang-overs and self-loathing.

If this is a life sober, then I am all for it. But I am still treading lightly, cautious that I could drop the ball anytime.

So far so good.

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(((Larry))) - CONGRATULATIONS on 30 days!!

Hugs and prayers,

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Congrats on 30 days, Larry
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Congratulations Larry! 30 Days is great!

Best Wishes To You!
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Congrats Larry!
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Congratulations! That's fantastic. And it keeps getting better....
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Woot woot! Nice job Larry.
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Larry..3 weeks was my turning point too..I really started to notice really positive changes and was at the point where I wanted to continue to be sober more than I wanted to drink..I still feel that sobriety has to be the #1 positive life change. Way to go on your 30 days Mister!
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Sounds like the fog lifted, congratulations.
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Great job! Very proud of your accomplishment!!!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on thirty days!! Now keep going one day at a time.
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Congrats Larry!
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That's awesome...congrats and keep it goin'!
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Congrats! 30 days is a HUGE milestone. You'll find that it only keeps getting better and better.
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