The Sober Gift of Awareness

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The Sober Gift of Awareness

I took my 11 year old son to the Padre vs Reds game last night and we had a great time. We had good seats down the third base line, and I was able to teach him about some of the nuances of the game like the pitch calls, and the signs, and some situational baseball stuff.

Last year when we would go I was always more worried about getting my next beer, and using the restroom to the point where we were never able just to sit back and watch and discuss the game. So it was a great experience.

Then in the 6 inning, we had about 5 rowdy fans sitting to our right, and about 4 drunken fans sitting about 5 rows behind us, and the 2 groups started mouthing off to each other. The language started to get profane. Normally when I was drinking either two things would have occurred, one I wouldn't have noticed until it escalated further, or 2 I would have gotten involved and would have tried to show my son what a bad ass I was by getting these drunks to sit down and shut up.

Well I was sober and aware of the situation, so as soon as the boys we were sitting next to stood up and turned around I grabbed my son and made a b-line to the usher standing at the top of our section. I forsaw this thing blowing up, and as soon as we reached the top of the section the beer started flying. These guys must have wasted $100 in beer by throwing it at each other, and then came the punches. I directed the police and security to the seats and my son and I got to watch 10 drunk guys get beat down and cuffed by the police for being stupid beligerant drunks.

If I had been drinking in all likelihood we would have been doused in beer, and I probably would have been in the melee, and it's quite possible my son and myself could have been injured, and I quite possibly could have been arrested. Instead I was sober and aware of my surroundings, and I was able to teach my son that being a drunk a-hole in public is not a good idea, and we got to enjoy a ballgame and a close up view of what cops do to drunks.
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That is amazing. Good on you.

I think on saw that on the news, and I live up in Oregon. Good thing you let the appropriate people handle it, it would stink to be on the news for something negative.
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That's awesome!
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and you are teaching your son a valuable skill...doing the right thing and acting responsibly.

you're right, if you were drinking and trying to be being responsible for your child it could have escalated into a very bad time with possible injury for both of you.

what is it about sporting events and beer???? a couple of years ago I was sitting in my BF's clubhouse seats at Saratoga and the ushers were shoo-ing some drunks out of the reserved seats...they responded by pouring their drinks on the empty seats in protest???
so the people that paid a lot of $$ for their season tix. had wet sticky chairs...
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Wow...what pepople do when they drink!! Good thing neither one of you were hurt.
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Well, that's one way to open the season. Glad you scored a victory Supercrew, even if our Friars lost...
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Good on you Supercrew. I think that the time with my children is the best part of being sober. I didnt realize how much time and energy I wasted on drinking. This line made me cry because it was how every outing was for me and my children."Last year when we would go I was always more worried about getting my next beer, and using the restroom to the point where we were never able just to sit back and watch and discuss the game."
That really hit home.
Way to go Supercrew!
You did a Good job Dad!!!!!
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I am so proud of your observation! I'm also impressed that you knew you had to get him out of there. It might have been tempting, as a former bad-ass, to think you could handle it but you made the decision that was best for your son. Yay.

Last weekend I cancelled our long-standing pinochle night with my adult daughter, and our ever Saturday evening visit with our grandpeople in order to keep drinking through the afternoon and night. I knew I shouldn't have done that.

Then Sunday I joined this list.
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Practice Sobriety
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I am able to throw better punches sober .
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What a great post.......

It's such a difference isn't it? I love knowing that wherever I am now, I'm fully "there." Thanks, Supercrew!!!
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You're a great dad.
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