how to come out of the "i'm a drunk" closet!

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Originally Posted by newlife3130 View Post
I've been sober for 8 days! Yeah hooray! And it really does feel quite different most of the time! Other times - like tonight I would love to feel normal, and then I start wondering if I really need to stop drinking....? I know I do, but to do that I'll have to say the words... I don't drink anymore. And that would mean that I drank. Not that I fool myself and think that I was sober for most of my life. In fact I think everyone knew that I drank much more than most people. I wasn't a falling down drunk (well, not every night!) and I became cleverer about drinking at home and not drinking and driving (again, most of the time)....
Congrats on 8 days newlife, that is awesome I totally understand what you are saying about the wondering if you really need to stop drinking! I'm only on Day 3 today myself, but have already been seeing so many reasons WHY I shouldn't be drinking. The chat room mention made in this thread about our life being important is so true! Yes, I could go drink right now if I wanted to, but when I drink, there is no off switch. If I want my life to be better, I have to stop. I'm trying not to project to far into the future.

One day at a time. I'm not going to drink TODAY, that is all I know

Good luck on your journey
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