Beverages you enjoy

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That actually sounds really good clashman. I would like to check in to getting a juicer, sounds like it is worth it! Yum!
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Jasmine Tea, Soda Water, and I try to drink a gallon of water a day. I am simple

In the mornings I like orange juice and vegetable juice.
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Smoothies and Mineral Water, plus water and once a week a coke maybe two
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Have you tried any different flavored creamers in coffee? I don't really like coffee black but with caramel or mocha creamer (or better yet both!!) it's delicious!! Otherwise, hate to sound boring, but I'm actually a HUGE fan of plain old water....I always have been. I carry my little purple stainless steel water bottle with me everywhere I go...nothin' better than water!!
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I really need to get in the habit of drinking water again. I used to love it and hate diet coke, now I've learned to love diet soda and won't touch water....unless I'm at the gym!

I should try the flavored creamers....I know when I tried drinking coffee before I had to put 10-12 sugars and 8 creamers in to make even tolerable....and even then I was making faces! lol I never inherited that taste....go figure.
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I love "light" cranberry juice with soda, and mineral water. San pelligrino is the best!
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Pepsi with a fresh lemon juice squeezed into it and


Cofee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee

Although I've given up coffee. Because I like it too much. But it's no biggie to be tinkering around with my coffee drinking. I can handle it.
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I have come to love sparkling water (not club soda with the sodium) with a twist of lime. Mixing sparkling water with cranberry juice is another favorite. Sooo refreshing.
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Rachel, if you cut the diet coke out or reduce it and drink significantly more amounts of water... you will feel incredible. Drinking a lot of water is one of the most healthy habits you can pick up. Most people don't realize that they are dehydrated, and the symptoms of that do not help with the side effects of alcoholism.

Up to you, but I highly recommend you try it for a week and see the effects
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I love this thread Rachel! Great ideas everyone.

I purchase lemon or lime flavored mineral water from Whole Foods (their brand). I drink as is or add a little fresh fruit juice. I love the Naked's Pomegranate/Blueberry, but it's expensive ($3.00 a small bottle). I also love mixing ginger ale. I would love to find a good one that is diet or sugar free.
I also have a water container in my fridge that I fill with water. I infuse the water with slices of lemon, lime, oranges cantalope, honey dew etc. Whatever I may have around or that's in season. It's like "spa water" without the cucumbers!

The soda, ice, lime and mint sounds really good too. Like a Mojito without the rum!
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I love juices, especially orange juice. I'm also a coffee freak, especially like my espresso! Better than the energy drinks, it really packs a punch!
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I found this on line
Alcohol free drink recipes
Alcohol-Free Drinks
South Dakota Safety Council: ALCOHOL-FREE DRINK RECIPES
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Originally Posted by TenNinetySix View Post
After I quit drinking I got hooked on bottled mineral water from Mexico~~ Topo Chico. I love the stuff! It's essentially just carbonated water but it has far more 'bite' to it than club soda or Perrier or any other bottled mineral water I've found. Added benefit is no calories... hence I have dropped 60+ lbs since I stopped drinking beer & started drinking Topo Chico. And all those other bennies that come from drinking water like clear skin & a more youthful appearance, blah blah /end Topo Chico commercial.

I thought I was the only one! I LLLLLLLLLLOVE Topo Chico! It's sort of expensive.. But worth it!
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