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New guy

Yesterday is my second (really gonna try this time) attempt to stop drinking, as I write this I'm having the shakes. I first started when I was 13 by taking beer from my dad, by the time I was 17 I was going into Bars (I look older than I really am) by 21 I was drinking a 12 pack everyday. I won't bore everybody with my life story but here I am.
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Welcome to SR! Lots of good information, advice and support here.
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Welcome Changed
You'll definitely find support here

Have you seen a Dr? I recommend it. Detox can sometimes be tricky for some of us.

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Hi changed and welcome to our group.
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Welcome to SR! It's best if you get medical help before detoxing. Prescription detox meds help so that you do no harm to your heart or brain.
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Welcome, stay strong you can do it!
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I'm glad you found us.
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Welcome Changed - People here know what you're going through. It can be rough the first days/weeks, so keep posting and reading. Life really can be so much better.......
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Welcome Changed!! Stick around...there's a wealth of info here...!
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Welcome! The shakes suck, you should see a Dr. for some medical assistance. Even a Prompt-Care type clinic will do, explain to them what you are doing. They will take your vitals and probably give you a few valium to help you get through the physical symptoms. Whatever you do, don't give in and have a drink to stop the shakes.
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Welcome! I hope you find something at SR that will keep you coming back and keep you sober.
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