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Sudden onset of acne. Related to quitting?

Well, can't say I've "quit", but have cut waaaay back from 12+ beers a day the past 18 months (and for 10 years before that before by 8 year no drinking period). But I only drink socially now. A few beers a couple times a week when out with the guys or a date.

I posted a couple weeks ago about having a very red face. That has gone mostly away, but still there a bit. Liver pain and swelling is almost completely gone. Stopped with the caffinated drinks, sodas, etc., mostly, and drink a ton of water now. I feel pretty good.

But a few days ago, I started breaking out on my face. Just a few at first, but now I'm getting little tiny pimples all across my foread and a few on my cheeks. I'm a 44 year old man! What the heck?

This did correspond to starting up an ACE inhibitor blood pressure med a few days before. But research does not inidicate a side effect of that is acne. I do know ACE inhibitors can cause liver damage though. I'm wondering if this is related?

Has anyone experienced an onset of acne when their liver was "at its' worst"? I'm going off the ACE inhibitors for a while to see if that clears it up, but this has me concerned my liver is really not well off. I'm a few weeks off from blood tests my doc wants me to come in for.
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I hope you can get the information you need from your dr.
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There are some medical things you mentioned I wouldn't be able to get into - and actually the skin topic itself is medical too. But I remember seeing people here mention they were breaking out in the face after quitting. I had some of that too, mostly during the initial months, but I think my skin is still getting used to the return to normal (instead of being assaulted by constant alcohol intake). I vaguely remember a 30-something friend from years ago telling me his dermatologist saying he was going through a "second adolescence" - and he had quit drinking a year and a half prior to that.

I suppose we don't typically think of acne as related to something serious, but if you haven't told your doctor all the details about your alcohol use (or abuse), then you probably should do. I'm not clear on whether you would have done that from your post.
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I can't say I ever had an acne problem. I had liver problems tho - sore liver etc - and frankly I'd be way more concerned about that.

I think you're best off asking your doctor Donny.

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if you haven't changed your diet, detergent or lifestyle...i would think that the new meds are causing a reaction. tell the doctor if you want to discontinue them and maybe he will prescribe something else.

I was originally prescribed a beta blocker that made me feel like death warmed Cardiologist doctor switched it to something different and it was a much better fit for me...turned out that the original one could exacerbate my depression....something the Internist missed.

not every contraindication is displayed in patient information, but the doctor can double check it.
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I suffer from breakouts now more than I ever did in my teen years!! It's slowed down (I'm almost 14 months sober) but I remember in the early months it was bad... Check with your doc...always the best option!!
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I was thinking the same thing. I keep getting on the wagon and falling off again. (vicious cycle) but I am breaking out alot. I have not had this many pimples since I was a teen. I really do think it has to do with trying to quit.
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