How long did you obsess about drinking?

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The solution in the rooms is the 12 steps, for an alcoholic that is, if significant work is not done why should anything change:-)
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Originally Posted by Aurora80 View Post
the frequent and strong urge to drink
Don't recall even thinking much about it except for one time, probably after 9 months, and I didn't think about drinking, thought about getting absolutely hammered, had a mental image of myself passed out on the dock laying in a puddle of my own barf. The thought didn't last long, it was after spending a pretty awful evening with the crew in a bar, watching the guys I was with getting hammered. I was also feeling down as I had just broken up with my ex.

Originally Posted by Aurora80 View Post
thoughts of drinking
Every once in a great while, a good reminder of the fact that I'm still an alcoholic.
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Originally Posted by Jabbadabutt View Post
I may not obsess about it forever, but I will think about it forever. Plan on that. The day your stop thinking about your sobriety is that day you should be nervous.
[emphasis added]

I think the important difference to note is that you are thinking about your "sobriety" not thinking about "drinking"
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