TOPIC: Drug/Alcohol Addiction Is Like A Cancer Waiting

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Hi, Im Sharon and Im an alcoholic.

As we know cancer is a disease that
can and will take a life if not addressed
with proper channels. Without certain
programs such as kemo or medicines
their insides get eaten away leaving
them helpless and hopeless before
passing away.

Alcoholism and addiction is like a cancer
as it too eats away at a persons inside
and can or will kill if not addressed with
proper channels or programs.

It's so sad to think this could happen
to so many but it does. These cancers
rob youthful lives of a living a happy
healthy fullfilling life for many years.

We see or hear many friends, family,
actors dealing with similar deseases
and its sad to see them slip away as
these deseases eat away at them.

That is the sad part of it, however there
is a bright side of all this and that is
there have been many who are survivors
of their diseases and live healthy happy
lives today.

For those stricten with a disease dont
give up and get the help you so desperately
deserve in order to live a healthy happy
sober clean life for many years to come.
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