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4:30 am

I woke up in the middle of the night, checked my alarm clock and it was 4:30am. I felt a great wave of relief when I realised that I was feeling quite OK: When I was drinking I used to wake up at this time feeling rubbish, sick and hungover, telling myself that I should have known better... I often lay awake for an hour or so and just couldn't get back to sleep feeling awful. This time I just dropped back to sleep with a sense of calmness and happiness.

It was a nice extra that this happened to me on my 90th (or 91st - not sure) sober night. Things are looking up and I am grateful for every reminder of my recovery.

If I'm worrying about things in the future I obviously have nothing to worry about today.
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I understand VeeTee. I'm having the early
recovery insomnia problems I know so well.
I still see it as a huge relief to the nightly
passing out and waking up with anxiety
perched like a vulture over my shoulder.

Congratulations on your sober time.
Huge accomplishment!
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it's wonderful to read such a positive post VeeTee
l wake up each morning saying my prayers and counting my blessings as well

Congratulations on your 90 (or 91) days and keep up the good work

Though no-one can go back and make a new start,
anyone can start from now and make a new ending.
Carl Bard
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Hey Vee, todays 90 for me too!
Congrats my friend!!
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Awesome post -- I can totally relate!
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I remember those dreaded nights when I would awake early morning and have those awful feelings. Could never get back to sleep. To busy wondering what I'd done, or who I called.

Such a relief now to wake up without those fears and go back to sleep in peace. I can relate to your post. Feeling good is an added bonus. Congrats on 90 days!!!
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congratulations on 90 days VeeTee

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