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Hello everyone. I just joined, i am an addict and acloholic and i am not happy about that. I hate the card i was dealt. I want to be a social drinker but can not be. I hate how easy it is for some to quit and i struggle. Ya'll hear more from me. Just saying hello for now.
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Hi and Welcome,

I'm glad you found us and that you have decided to live a sober life.

I was really angry with myself for allowing addiction to take over my life. Maybe you can use your frustration to help you move forward with your recovery.
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Thanks Anna, we'll see.
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Life the gift of recovery!
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Welcome to SR!
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Welcome to SR... I hope you find it as helpful and supportive as I do
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Welcome to the family.
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Trudging that road.
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Ruf Ruf just couldn't help myself lol. I too was pissed for years over being an addict but as time went by that anger turned to gratitude because at least I knew what was wrong with me and I had a place to go to for help. There are so many people who are screwed up and don't know why and don't have anybody to help. I know that probably sounds pretty crazy to ya right now but its all good. Keep the Faith Judy M
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I hate the card i was dealt.
We all hate the card we were dealt but we can do something about it, others are not so fortunate. You're not responsible for your addiction, but you are responsible for your recovery. You can decide to change or stay as you are!

Welcome to the forum.
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Originally Posted by COMAB View Post
I hate how easy it is for some to quit and i struggle.
I would be surprised if you found anyone who quit tell you it was easy. You should go into this knowing it is difficult; perhaps the most difficult thing you have attempted to date. Those that beat their addiction didn't do it because it was easy. They quit despite the difficulty; struggled and succeeded just like you can.

Welcome and good luck.
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I don't think anybody who achieved sobriety had it come easy. Don't doubt yourself.
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Welcome COMAB

I cetainly didn't want to become an alcoholic but I've come to terms with it - this place ,and the great people in it, had a lot to do with that

I hope we can help you too

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Welcome to the site! Im on day 27 and part of it sticking this time seems to be accepting that I am an alcoholic and not trying to fight it or trick myself into thinking I can control my alcohol intake and reading lots of stuff here on SR.
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Welcome COMAD

I didnt choose this for me either, But I have found peace in "learning" I'm not just a rotten S.O.B. who was too weak to change................ BUT rather a person with a disease. And then all the sudden the card I was dealt didnt look so CRAPPY.

I was an alcoholic yesterday....
I am and alcoholic today.......
and I'll be an alcoholic tomorrow..........

and I am seriously Okay with that today
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Welcome. I have spent the last 15-20 years trying to learn to be a 'social drinker'. It never has nor will ever happen. I finally have come to the realization that I am an alcoholic and it is poison to me. It turns me into someone I would NEVER want to be around with. It is destructive. I have had enough and realized that I cannot have that 1st drink. Day 13 and going ok. The people on this site have helped so much.... Good luck.
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