11 days sober

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11 days sober

I was an 8 beer a day (every day) drinker for about 10 years until I was admitted into the hospital on 12/31/10 with an intestinal infection. It was at that point I decided I should quit drinking and smoking. I'm on day 11 and doing well. I went cold turkey as I was too ashamed to admit to anyone that I am an alcoholic. The first 4 days in the hospital were easy. It's been a little tougher since I've been home. I was sweating so bad at night the sheets were soaked! I was worried about being able to sleep but so far so good. Hope to see others with similar situations as mine to talk with. Thanks!
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Welcome HD73! Congrats on 11 days. You're not alone. Sounds like you've made it through a rough patch. I love hockey.
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Welcome to SR and way to go on the 11 days! There are a lot of people here with similar situations, so make yourself at home

Hugs and prayers,

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Hi, hockey dad. I'm a hockey mom and I'm also on Day 11.

It's good you've been able to own your powerlessness. That's a huge step! AA has been phenomenal for me. I don't know if that is something you are ready to explore yet, but in absence of that, I highly recommend taking a gander at The Big Book, if you have not done so already. You can read it online, in privacy. If nothing else, it explains tons of stuff -- TONS. It helps in huge ways, especially in understanding you are not alone. At ALL.

Please keep posting. This is a great place.
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Welcome to the family and congrats on your 11 days sober!
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Hi HockeyDad73

You'll find a lot of support here - a few ideas too
Welcome aboard!

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You're doing great, good luck continuing your sobriety.
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Welcome and congratulations. I drank about the same amount nightly. It had to be just enough to get me hammered pretty good, then eat and run off to bed, unless it was a weekend, where I could continue to drink until my body was too tired to stay awake any longer.

A long story short, that life that I got used to caught up with me after having a couple drinks at an uncles place, leaving (feeling fine) and crashing my car into a ditch on a corner on an old country road (rolling several times) after I saw a flash of brake lights and reacted.

My kids were in the car with me! Thank God, they didn't get a scratch. NOT ONE SCRATCH. But I had been beaten up pretty good. At the hospital, an officer requested a blood test. I agreed. The results DUI.

12k worth of car written off, 5k in lawyers fees that could hit 7k, license facing suspension, shame disgrace, a dirty license (haven't had a ticket in 15 years), possible pending fines and if the judge is in a bad mood, maybe jail...

That night could have harmed others, my children or myself. I gave up alcohol completely that night. It no longer has a place in my life, except for my past.

All worked out fine. It was an expensive lesson but I am free. The most important thing is, I woke up the next day being able to call my kids on the phone, alive and well, as we move forward into our new, second chance at life.

That's what my drinking habits (just like yours) brought to me. And I never dronve when I was drinking. Always stayed home. Just took that one night for a car to hit it's brakes and alchol tagged me good.

I can't live my life like that. I live free or die!

Going on 5 months on Saturday night. No regrets except for not quitting sooner, like you and many of the others on SR.

I hope none of you ever have to go through the feeling this bad, daily, nightly, over and over, every single day.

It's a mistake doesn't change the facts.

Good luck!
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Welcome! I drank about that much (give or take). Life is so much better sober. Keep it up!
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Welcome to the forum, listening to Pens & Boston Bruins on internet. Keep on doing what you're doing, it gets better and then different and all worth it too!
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Thanks everyone for the responses. It feels good to know there are others out there with very similar situations.
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11 days sober.

Congrats on your day 11.Im at that point now and feel great.Starting to sleep better and appetite is back.B complex vitamins and exercise seem to help greatly .Have a small book 24 hours a day.I picked up year's ago with prayers and meditations for each day of year.Hopefully this is the end of my drinking day's for good.Be well and enjoy your sobriety.
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Hey Bert

this thread is from 2011. Nothing wrong with posting in it, but the other posters may no longer be active here.

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