day 2

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Unhappy day 2

Made it through the night, little sleep though, lots of twitching and startle wakeups. I was thinking of going to the detox, but I am here with my partner and the detox is literally a five minute walk, so I think I will try to stay home instead. The last time I was in detox my roomate kept me up for days with her withdrawal. Sadly I have gone through withdrawal so many times that I really do know the signs of worrisome side effects.

Going to go over to my addiction group (actually it's a concurrent disorder group) and get referred to the psychiatrist there. I am really struggling with my mental health issues which I know are not helped by drinking. I'll hit an NA meeting tonight with my partner.

God, I wish it was two days from now and I felt better.
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Stay strong and sober and you'll start feeling better soon.
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maybe going to the detox will give you some peace of mind? i know if i didnt go when i first quit, my anxiety about something seriously happening to me would have done me in lol

ps. whenever im in the first couple of days i always wish i could fastforward a couple of days lol if only wishes came true eh? ha
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This withdrawal really isn't that bad

Sadly I've had MUCH worse. So I think I'll stay put for now at home. My partner has gone through withdrawl (from drugs and alcohol) so he would definitely know if I was getting into a severe state and cab me over to the detox. I am comforted by knowing it is so close.
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Hey Beaglenut, Im pretty much in the beginning too but the withdrawl has lessened significantly. I think I might of had some kind of seizure the night of and then the next few were just like what you described but sleeping now is getting more "normal". Good luck to you, dont give up.
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thank you

I will be my damnedest to not give up. I gave my bank card to my partner and have no money or access right now. I want him to keep it for at least a month. It might be a temptation as money is a huge trigger for me.

Good luck to you, too! Hang in there. It does get better after a few days I have found.
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Good luck, Beaglenut.

There is a centre in Mississauga, Ontario for people with dual disorders of psychiatric illness along with substance abuse. It is very good. If you live in southern Ontario you might want to visit it.

Although, as my AA sponsor reminds me, MY anxiety was caused BY the alcohol.

Take care,

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I hope you feel a little better Beagle.

Gyp - your post is a little unclear to me, but if you really think you had a seizure, please see a Doctor. Don't brush that stuff off.
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thanks Kelly

I actually live in Oshawa where there is the Pinewood Centre for Addictions. I am part of a concurrent disorder group for people with addictions and mental issues. I go every M-F afternoon when I'm in recovery and unfortunately when I relapse I stop going for a while. There are no judgments though and I am always welcome back.
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