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New Guy

Hello everyone. Back again after a 10 month hideous. Thought I had everything under control, I was wrong. I started drinking around 14 years old. I knew I loved booze the first time I got drunk. There was nothing more exciting than getting together with friends and getting completely bombed.

I've never been one to have to drink everyday, all day, but once I do start drinking, a large percentage of the time I don't stop until I blackout and pass out. I'm sick of feeling like crap and promised myself last Friday morning was the absolute last time I'll ever hold a toilet bowl and puke in it due to a hangover. I've lost jobs, girlfriends, my driving privileges, trust from the ones who love me, my attention span, and self respect. I'm getting close to 27 and don't want to spend anymore time being trashed and hungover.

I know it's going to be hard not to drink, mostly because my social network consists of people who like to drink, alot, and a city that revolves around drinking, but I know it's what I want. I'm usually good for about 4 days after quitting, then I always ending up convincing myself that I can control my drinking, which sometimes does happen depending on what responsibilities I have in the morning, but, if I have no priorities in the morning i'm 110% committed to getting completely wasted. I dunno why that is as I'm usually having an awesome time after a couple beers. I suppose my rational is if I'm having a good time only after two beers it must be an even better time after 10.

well, I'm kind of rambling but just thought I would introduce myself. If any one has advice for me feel free to reply. -thedude
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welcome thedude - 4 days used to be the cycle for me too, when I started feeling really good. There's research that they've done on what alcohol does to the body (brain, blood sugar, liver, nervous system, etc) and there's reasons for that "vicious cycle" we get in to.

Glad you're here- everyone here knows what it's like (and how hard it is) to deal with our drinking. Keep posting and reading! You really can do this!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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All my social circle were excessive drinkers too...who else would
want to hang out in bars and put up with drunken me?

When I decided to quit ..I joined AA and made new sober friends.

Been working out great for me.

So...what is your plan?
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Hey dude...

Yeah you gotta change things up. Maybe F2F meetings? Whatever you decide...keep us posted. Good luck!
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You know dude...I understand what you posted..related to some of it. I am in a small town and it is packed with bars compared to the population. Bars and churches. People get drunk then go pray. It is a cycle I got caught up in for years. And I knew too..When I drank I was on a mission. It does really mess with your body and your head. I just feel so much better..the drawback is..I quit going or being with anything alcohol related. Won't subject myself to it and it is working good for me. I wish you the best..Welcome! This site is packed with helpful information and supportive people. I love it here..
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One more thing..There are links that refer to this book but Under The Influence is an excellent read. Get a copy.
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I'm new too. I can definitely relate to the quitting, convincing and relapsing that you talked about.
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Originally Posted by thedude2012 View Post
I suppose my rational is if I'm having a good time only after two beers it must be an even better time after 10.

Oh yes, this is the way our minds work when we're addicts. Even as a teenager, I had the idea that if two aspirins helped my headache, then three would be even better.

As others have said, early recovery requires a lot of changes, many of which are difficult. But, we need to make recovery the priority.
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Welcome to the family! You'll find lots of support here.
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welcome back the dude2012

All I can tell you is, for me, sobriety involved a lot of changes - some were very painful to contemplate, others were painful to do, but I regret none of them.

My life is immeasurably better today
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Welcome back! I know what you mean about that 4-day cycle. When you quit for a few days, you forget all the bad stuff that happened a few days earlier. You might think you can control your drinking when the next weekend rolls around, but the truth is that it's not under control if you end up on a binge, even if you manage a few times in between of having only one or two drinks. The best advice I can give is to keep coming back here every day, even just to read a few posts. That can help you remember what you're trying to do before you start forgetting.
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JohnBell...Welcome to SR..
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